ENZYME 8 - Industrial Noise Electro Dark Ambient - Jan 30 Melbourne

ENZYME 8 - Friday January 30th 2009
Blue Velvet - 60 Smith Street Collingwood


EYE / DJ Citizen (Canberra)

EYE are releasing the long-delayed "Propaganda Machine Vol.1" CD "Post-Industrial Music for an Information-Age" on the night!

EYE has been active in the Australian independent music scene since the early 90's. He has released numerous industrial and electronic compilations dedicated to promoting Australian subculture, assisted artists in radio exposure, and tirelessly worked to bring political, social and musical awareness to the Australian public. Personally, I am honored to have this old friend in town, and am really looking forward to hearing his new electro industrial masterpiece!



A rare opportunity to enjoy the work of local producer sig.int!. sig.int's sound is characterised by subtle and ferocious frequency experiments, capturing the electromagnetic radiation and machine signals from secretive other realms and pulling them apart to analyse and interpret them in human form. Expect raw, clinical glitch soundscapes of shortwave data, military communications and natural phenomena meshed with the dark, psychedelic influence of industrial noisemakers such as merzbow, kk null and zbigniew karkowski.



What we love about Manticle is that every concert is a unique awe inspiring feast of sound and equipment! There is beauty in decay. Beauty in the forgotten, the discarded and the repressed. There is beauty in ugliness and there is ugliness in beauty. I’m not sure which side of beauty Manticle is on, nor if it should be described. Like the world’s tastiest cigarette Manticle aims to remove the hairs from your lungs one by one. This is ambient death machine industrial designed to disturb and delight. Constructed entirely live and influenced by acts such as Bockholm, Stravtm Terror and Schloss Tegal, Manticle offers you a new type of bowel syndrome.



BasticH is releasing their new album! The one-man improvisations of BasticH are aggressive, abrasive and confronting. Combining synthesized sounds with noise and gritty industrial we are looking forward to the first BasticHization of 2009.


Cassandra's Myth

With an ever flowing live lineup, Cassandra's Myth is a thoughtful melodic blend of electro and synth / guitar focused industrial rock. There is a new CD coming soon so grab this opportunity to hear the latest this local artist has to offer! This set will feature guest keyboardist Mystral Tide with some piano injections.


DJ Infectious Unease

15 years on local radio promoting Australian music, and compiling a truly massive array of tastes, genres and music! Writer / performer / musician and DJ, Gordon will be with us again for your listening pleasure. Artists, bring your CD's because Infectious Unease Radio is an institution for promotion of the Australian underground on the airwaves.


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