EntheoGenisis Australia Conference 2006 - Experimental Shamanic Trance Dance, Sacred Plant and Sound System Workshop

Workshop & Conference Presentation

Experimental Shamanic Trance Dance, Sacred Plant and Sound System

Facilitator & Programmer
DJ Krusty

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Following my presentations from the EGA 2004 and 2005 and the feedback
and group discussions I feel that the next and most appropriate step
for the 2006 Conference is to present an Experimental Workshop.

Talk / Presentation / Discussion – Friday night

Start : Sunday 3 pm
Finish : Sunday 11 pm

3.00 pm – 3.30 pm Arrival, Questions, Discussion
3.30 - 4.00 pm Preparation in the Space
4.00 - 4.30 pm Ritual & Ceremony
4.30 - 10.30 pm Trance Dance
10.30 - 11.00 pm Closure

This experimental workshop is an invitation to those individuals who
are interested in the trance dance experience as providing an
opportunity for mind/body/spirit/soul development. EGA 2006 will be a
unique opportunity for people who are experienced in the dance floor
and consciousness development approach to try something new, different,
fun and well focused, that is totally aimed at extending the boundaries
of each participants current experiential and knowledge paradigms.

I am very excited to be presenting this workshop along with other
1. Robin Cooke - Mutoid Waste – Flame Powered Quad Rotary Strobe
2. Sil Ianello - Geni Flip – Sacred Space Installation
3. Kundalini - Space Between the Gaps – Sacred Space Installation
- Music Programming
4. Glen Armstrong - Vesuvius – Lighting and Fire Keeper

Please Register Your Interest!! – Very Important so we have an accurate
idea of numbers who wish to attend this workshop!!
If you are interested please send an email and stating you are
interested in attending or feel free to ask any question –

The Workshop Explanation
Participants are asked to be prepared for a full consciousness 6 hour
trance dance. For the purposes of this workshop participants will be
asked to bring a focused mindful spiritual dimension to the event on
all levels.

An earth based ritual will be conducted to create a sacred dance floor
space whereby all workshop participants become co-creators in this
ceremony. The elements of fire, water, earth and air with be invoked
and acknowledged.

The 6 hour trance dance ritual will be loosely based on Joseph
Campbells ‘Mythos’ of the Hero’s Journey in such that the trance dance
shamanic journey consciousness workshop we will all be taking is not
something new but is essentially the same story told throughout
millennia by all cultures at all times. The space will be set up so
that focus is towards the centre of the dance floor where there will be
a ‘sacred’ fire. This moves the focus from the proscenium arch
performance construct and brings the event further forward for the
individuals as a co-creators.

The experimental dimension of the workshop comes as an opportunity for
participants to try and create a new direction and also creates an
opportunity for people who have been participants in the outdoor bush
doof psy trance global dance floor culture to activate within
themselves and their cultural ‘scene’ some new insights and paradigm

This experiment will be conducted within a shamanic sacrament paradigm,
in that it might be very challenging physically, mentally, emotionally
and spiritually. Participants will journey deep within themselves
through the trance dance with the aim of finding new insights and a
deeper understanding of self from the experience. The overall intention
is for participants to gain something positive and potentially a
profound healing from the workshop as well as some new insights into
the dance floor experience that can later be documented and discussed.

Participants are asked to:

• Acknowledge the experience a sacred experience and to connect with
the spirit of the earth, plants and the indigenous and non-indigenous
shamanic communities that have worked in such ways throughout

• To co-create and acknowledge the dance floor as a sacred and divine
space during the workshop. This means a few guidelines such as no
talking unless needed, no spitting, no gear or things in the dance
space, bringing a positive intention to the experiment, supporting and
holding the space with a pure heart, being mindful of others and not
interrupt their journey, to have as much enjoyment as possible, to
engage with others in the dance as it happens.

Tools For The Journey

- Water container
- Costumes or layers of cloths as it may rain and it may be very cold
- Blanket & Towel
- An open mind and an open heart
- Anything else that may support you in your journey

Feedback mechanism and Reporting

It is the vision of EGA 2006 for participants of this workshop to
provide feedback and discussions via the EGA web site in the weeks and
months following the Conference.

Trance Dance Journey Diagram

Start 1 2 3 4 5 Finish

Gentle Tribal Activate Hard Trance Lift Confrontation Easy Flow
Chakra Spiral

Call to Adventure Threshold Test, Allies Inmost Cave Death
Ordeal Road Back Return with Elixir

**loosely developed from Joseph Campbell – The Hero with a Thousand

Dance Floor Space

• Surround Sound System
• Sacred Fire in Centre
• Flame Powered Rotary Strobe Towers – 4 Cardinal Points
• Sacred Space Installation

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