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Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture - issue 1.2 available

Edition 1.2 of Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture now published.


Featured Articles

Making a Noise - Making a Difference: Techno-Punk and Terra-ism
Graham St John

Technics, Precarity and Exodus in Rave Culture
tobias c. van Veen

The Aesthetics of Protest in UK Rave
Ramzy Alwakeel

Memory and Nostalgia in Youth Music Cultures: Finding the Vibe in the San Francisco Bay Area Rave Scene, 2002-2004
Eileen M Wu


The History of Our World: The Hardcore Continuum Debate
Simon Reynolds

"Let's Have At It!": Conversations with EDM Producers Kate Simko and DJ Denise
Rebekah Farrugia

From the Floor

Sound System Nation: Jamaica
Graham St John

Capturing the Vision at California's Symbiosis Festival
Pascal Querner


Reggaeton (Rivera, Marshall and Hernandez)
Alejandro L. Madrid

Rave Culture: The Alteration and Decline of a Philadelphia Music Scene (Anderson)
Beate Peter

Club Cultures: Boundaries, Identities and Otherness (Rief)
Fiona Hutton

Review Essay: Run Lola Run and Berlin Calling
Sean Nye

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