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CEAIT Festival 2006 @ REDCAT, Los Angeles

CEAIT Festival 2006 @ REDCAT, Los Angeles

"An important contender in the international network of multimedia
experimental festivals." Los Angeles Times

Jan 26, 27, 28 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) 2006, 8:30pm, $10-18

The genre-bending annual fest from CEAIT, CalArts' Center for
Experiments in
Art, Information and Technology returns to REDCAT with an international
lineup of unabashedly experimental works in music, multimedia, and
sound art.

Thursday, Jan. 26, 8:30pm
Morton Subotnick: Until Spring Revisited

The electronic music icon reinvents his seminal 1975 soundscape Until
Spring, now reformulated for surround sound and video projection and
performed on three laptops. Applying a new set of artist tools with
masterful finesse and imagination, Subotnick collaborates in this world
premiere with composer-performer Miguel Frasconi and light artist Sue
Constabile. This will be Morton Subotnick's farewell performance for
CalArts. An acknowledged pioneer in the field of electronic music and a
continuing innovator in works involving instruments and other media, he
a founding faculty member of the Institute, and an important
contributor to
the cultural life of Los Angeles. He retires from the School of Music
faculty this year.

"An electronic live wire." Los Angeles Times

Morton Subotnick:
Miguel Frasconi:

Friday, Jan. 27, 8:30pm
Jon Rose, Maja Ratkje, and Eliane Radigue

The tirelessly inventive Australian violinist and sound artist Jon Rose
kicks off the evening with work from The Hyperstring Project, a body of
uncanny improvisations based on the use of a MIDI-controlled interactive
violin bow. He is followed by Maja Ratkje of the noise outfits Spunk and
Fe-Mail. She creates savagely beautiful improvised soundscapes out of
voice, acoustic instruments, field recordings and analog electronics.
electro-acoustic pioneer Eliane Radigue then concludes the evening's
with Naldjorlak, performed by Charles Curtis on cello as a
reworking of technology. Created in close collaboration with Curtis,
Naldjorlak is the first entirely acoustic composition by a composer who
pioneered pure electronic sound for over thirty years. Delicate in its
dynamic range, the work explores highly diffuse bowed textures that defy
perceptual focus; the hidden, untamed ur-sonority of the cello is
as a deeply unstable and complex source. The Tibetan title refers to the
motion of all life toward unity; in a seamlessly interwoven three-part
structure, the audible shape mirrors the geography of the cello.
of intense concentration, focus and selflessness inform the
spirituality of
all of Radigue's work.

"Jon Rose doesn't fit into any categories but all his albums create a
violin-shaped world that is all his own, shot through with wild
humour." The

"Ratkje's voice is gloriously possessed by the tongues of more split
personalities than there are angels on the head of a pin." The Wire

"Radigue's works induce in the listener an altered state of ecstatic
spirituality." Kyle Gann Radigue creates "A steady stream of sonic
activity taking place right at the edge of one's perception." New York

Funded in part by the French-American Fund for Contemporary Music, a
of French American Cultural Exchange (FACE).

Jon Rose:
Maja Ratkje:
Eliane Radigue:

Saturday, Jan. 28, 8:30pm
Kadet Kuhne; David Dunn and James Crutchfield

Los Angeles media artist Kadet Kuhne premieres a new audiovisual work,
Holding Pattern III, in which captivating underwater imagery triggers a
breathtaking interactive soundscape. This immersive sensory experience
accompanied by a live improvised score featuring Kadet on laptop and
a collaborative venture between cellist Laura Thomas-Merino and laptop
artist m.cera.
The CEAIT Festival then culminates with a mesmerizing multimedia work
by Alpert
Award-winning composer and sound artist David Dunn and renowned chaos
James Crutchfield. Playing on the innate human ability to recognize
patterns in
space and time, the duo collate overlapping sonic textures with a
dazzling array
of complimentary visualizations.

Funded in part by the Alpert Foundation

"Audio-visual surrealist Kadet concocts sounds that watch you ... Be
This is music that takes notes on you ... Some moments reach near-total
abstraction, then pull back toward more repetitive structures, with
pads and gutted, howling synths." XLR8R Magazine

"David Dunn is a visionary" Kenneth Gaburo

Kadet Kuhne:
David Dunn:

REDCAT is located at 631 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, at the
corner of 2nd and Hope Streets inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall
Parking is available in the Walt Disney Concert Hall parking structure
at adjacent lots.

Tickets can be purchased by phone at 213.237.2800, on line at, and in person at the box office at the corner of
and Hope Streets in the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex,
noon-6 p.m., and two hours prior to curtain.