BODYTOK (the human instrument archive) - a sonicsfromscratch video and sound project

Starkwhite is pleased to present BODYTOK a sonicsfromscratch video and sound project
by Phil Dadson, with interactivity design by James Charlton.
(a 3 screen trial towards a larger public gallery installation)
Upstairs backroom, 510 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, from 10 to 26 September 2008.

Over the past three years, Dadson has been compiling the 'human instrument archive'. He says: "The first instrument is the human body and the human instrument is the most unpredictable and unique of all. From childhood worldwide humans explore the sonic potential of their bodies, often discovering a unique and/or individual sound. I had some expectations of this variety, but when I started asking people to show me their unique sounds, I was astounded by the invention."

For BODYTOK, Dadson has produced three preliminary videos from his archive, each one a compilation of individuals performing their distinctive sounds. The video-sound clips are presented in a three screen interactive video installation that allows viewers to 'play' the work. This exhibition at Starkwhite is a trial run, enabling the artist and interactivity-collaborator, James Charlton to test the BODYTOK technology and see how viewers engage with the interactive component. Dadson hopes to stage a larger version of BODYTOK at a public art gallery in 2009.

(The BodyTok project is generously supported by Sony NZ, AUT Co-lab & AUT Art & Design)

Phil Dadson is the founder of the legendary sound-performance group, From Scratch, known widely for it's rhythmic and distinctive performances on original instruments. As an artist/solo performer Dadson is also known for his interdisciplinary practice including video & sound installations, sonic objects, solo performances and exhibitions, building experimental instruments, composition, graphic scores and improvisations on invented instruments.

Recent exhibition/performance highlights include; VENICE 09 shortlist. SONIC SELF Chelsea art Museum NY, (2008); SUR POLAR, Buenos Aires (2008) Sanskriti artist residency, India. S3D Invented Instruments Festival, AK07. EAR to the EARTH, New York, performance and videos; (2006) CONCERTINA, a survey of early video and new work, curated by Leonhard Emmerling, St Paul's St, AUT, (2006) Auckland the WALTERS PRIZE 2006 (a restaging of POLAR PROJECTS) Auckland Art Gallery. In 2003 Dadson travelled to Antarctica under an artists fellowship programme and in 2001, received an Arts Foundation of New Zealand Laureate award.

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