Audio Foundation

The Audio Foundation, founded in April 2004, is a Charitable Trust for the support of innovative and experimental audio culture in NZ.

The presentation of this includes performances, CD releases, radio transmissions, field recordings, installations, site-specific public work and work in conjunction with new media.

Working as audio engineers, technicians, artists/composers, musicians, tutors and lecturers, sound designers, researchers and librarians, practitioners are often at the margins of their fields, producing work in studios and bedrooms in their spare time. While sound artists are united by a passion for all things audio, they differ widely in their interpretations and modes of expression.

Work can range from free noise, electronica, electro-accoustic, field recordings, tonal generation and improvisation.

The Audio Foundation defines this work as innovative art practice primarily concerned with the use of sound, but predominately sitting outside of the infrastructure of the music industry and academic institutions.

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