4th annual Carnival of e-Creativity (CeC 2009) in India

The 4th annual Carnival of e-Creativity (CeC 2009) is scheduled to be held February 27 to March 1, 2009, in the sylvan spaces of Sattal Estate, just above Bhimtal, near Nainital, in the Lower Kumaon of the new Himalayan Indian state of Uttarakhand.

As always, this will be about Presentations, Performances, Exhibits, Meetings, and Screenings, involving direct and indirect participation of e-Creative Practitioners of all description from around India and the world, spread over 3 days of intense private, and also public, creative interaction.

read more or visit http://www.theaea.org/cec%5Fcac/cec09/ for more details

Organizers :
The Academy of Electronic Arts (The AeA) is a Private Trust that serves as a learning, sharing, mentoring, networking, benchmarking, empowering and broadly inclusive, but non-educational, institution.

Managing Trustee of The AeA & Incident Director for CeC 2009: Shankar Barua

Co-Curator: Ima Pico (Spain)
Co-Curator: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Co-Curator: Moritz Neumuller (Spain)

program :

Friday, February 27 (time to be announced)

Aparna Panshikar [Opening Invocation] (Hindustani Classical Vocal)
Shankar Barua [Amateur-Slot] (Guitar & Live Audio-Video Processing), in experimental collaboration with Aparna Panshikar (vocals) & Ashim Ghosh (Percussion)
Roger Sinha (Dance), with Caroline Nadeau (Technical Director), presenting ' Zeros & Ones'. Developed in the winter of 2007-'08 in Bangalore, India's 'Silicon Valley', this piece highlights the digital divide separating e-haves and e-have nots. Using a hybrid vocabulary where spoken word, video, and new technologies allow the emergence of a poetic language of the body, the dance examines how close East and West can come together before they collide. Wired up with sensors, one on each limb and attached to the special metallic bells, all feeding through an interactive software (max/msp), each movement triggers fragments of sound and poetry, turning Sinha into a 'physical spoken word DJ'.

Saturday, February 28 (time to be announced)

JOPO & Ingeborg Poffet (Harmonium, Reeds, Vocals, Electronics, Visuals), presenting the world-premiere of 'Cryptochronics', as Duo Fatale. In this project, created in 2009, they encode and decode chronicles, myths and legends, look behind crypts and create some themselves from their modern point of view. (It's an exciting way of keeping legends alive while questioning them at the same time)

* Also in experimental collaboration with Aparna Panshikar (Vocals)

N3krozoft Ltd feat. aether9 ~ Live audiovisual performance by Manuel Schmalstieg, Chloe Cramer & Boris Kish, also in realtime interaction with the global aether9 collective,.. if connectivity permits~;o)

Sunday, March 01 (time to be announced)

Krisgatha Achmad (Visual & Sonic Art) Performing 'Disolated Instruments', which presents scratch techniques on digital vinyl turntable

'Spontaneous Sensory Reactions' ~ Vinny Bhagat (laptop || objects), Ashhar Farooqui (laptop || voice), and Maria Fava (laptop || optics)

'Popular Hindi & English Music' ~ Akash Jain, Abhijeek Thapa and the college band of Birla Institute of Applied Sciences - Bhimtal. Details awaited

Presentations ::::
[venue: Playfield near Flowermead]
February 28 & March 1 || Mornings & Afternoons


Shankar Barua
Upon The Academy of Electronic Arts, the Carnival of e-Creativity (past, present, and hoped-for future), and also a bit about his own personal creative explorations of, and work with, new technologies

Aparna Panshikar
Upon carrying forward a profound inherited legacy of traditional Hindustani Classical music into ever-new terrains, by performing true to the form all over the world, whilst at the same time also constantly exploring possible new matrices and interstices with other musical traditions, including cutting-edge electroacoustic paradigms and practices, together with leading global practitioners. But of course, as she says, 'To capture in the flow of time, the essence of sounds, silences and harmonies interwoven in the raga is the aim of my music expression..'

Manuel Schmalstieg, Chloe Cramer & Boris Kish
On Aether9, a collaborative art project initiated during a workshop at the Mapping Festival (2007) in Geneva, Switzerland, to explore the field of realtime video transmission. Developed by an international group of visual artists and collectives working in about a dozen different locations (disseminated throughout Europe, North and South America, the Middle East) and communicating primarily through the Internet, Æther9 intends to become a functional framework for collaborative video performance.

Moritz Neumuller
Presenting 'Image Vortex', an analysis (with special focus upon the Spanish art scene in particular) of the new tendencies towards a convergence of Photography, Film & Video Art, which is variously finding a firm place, under the broad label of ‘visual arts', in art exhibition spaces and galleries around the world. Moritz, an independent curator based in Barcelona, also sets out to provide insights into the art structures that permit and support this new hybrid image culture, whereby museums even started to actually collect such media quite some time ago, as frontline 'Fine Arts'

JOPO & Ingeborg Poffet
Upon composing, improvising and performing music continually in a nomadic and stylistic 'neverland' since 1989, to arrive at a creative space entirely their own, that they call 'Souldrifting-music'. The duo deploys an accordion, in dialog with saxophone, as well as vocals that touch upon the avant-garde, and also ethnological depths influenced by their voyages and performances around the world. So that listeners everywhere may draw the delight of their very own 'worldmusic'

Dhananjay Gadre, with one of his students, Nehul Malhotra
Upon being an inveterate inventor and innovator of the 'jugaad ' kind, producing an endless series of large and little gadgets and geegaws on an ongoing basis,.. so as to exhuberantly and immediately share DIY directions for almost every one of them with the larger global jugaad community,.. whilst somehow at the same time serving as a full-time electronics educator at the very prestigious Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, in Delhi

Kristoffer Orum & Anders Bojen
Overviews upon their joint creative media works over the years, with special focus upon one of their current ongoing works, called Radiant Copenhagen, which lays out the simple proposition that, ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it'. This project involves architects, writers, musicians, engineers and visual artists from Copenhagen itself, and also others from across Europe

Marc Lee
Upon creating network-oriented interactive installations; experimenting with information and communication technologies, and; projects that locate and critically discuss economic, political, cultural and creative 'issue-clusters' that are essential for communication processes in digital networks. To also present works of recently realized interactive installations, including an overview of his current work on the Pro Helvetia Residency in Bengaluru, in which he will try to make visible the inspirations from his stay in India.

Ashim Ghosh
Presenting excerpts from his diverse creative multiple-media interventions over the past 25 years. The presentation will include images and soundscapes/music

Roger Sinha (with Caroline Nadeau)
Upon his dance works that have been presented and televised across many countries of the world, all largely inspired by a deep-felt and intense need to reclaim his Indian heritage and to use this tradition to shape a modern expression of his reality. Roger's work uses the universality of the body to explore cultural harmony and dissonance, and tensions created by the collision of East and West. Beautifully expressive mudras (hand gestures) and the rhythmically complex footwork of Indian dance combine with the full body movements of modern dance, ballet and the martial arts. Critical successes include Burning Skin (1992), LOHA (2000), THOK (2002) and Apricots Trees Exist (2004). He recently finished a two week run of his new solo Zeros & Ones (see Performances) and his 3rd duet collaboration with Natasha Bakht, entitled Thread

Vinny Bhagat & Maria Fava & Ashhar Farooqui
Upon Music Technologies, Sound graphics, Image RT elaboration, Photos, Feedback Animation. And upon research in 'Optical electro acoustics' ,.. works in SuperCollider, live Video, and so on

Susan Visvanathan & Ratna Raman
Upon research, information-gathering and also the dissemination of ideas, using new technologies ~ currently specific, in their work, to an ongoing project that delves deeply into medieval English/European music. In the 'normal' course, Susan is Professor of Sociology at Jawharlal Nehru University, and Ratna is Assoc. Professor of English at Sri Venkateswara College

Mahiema Anand
Looking at modern video technology as a Tool of Individual Empowerment, Mahiema is Creative Director & Partner of Zonsta Creations. a Mumbai-based film/video production company, with a branch in New Delhi. She has been producing primarily lifestyle programs, often focused upon spirituality, wellness and alternative practices, for local and foreign networks for over ten years, and sees herself somewhat as a crusader of social values in today's rapidly changing world of shifting perspectives

Michael Aschauer
Presenting an overview of his recent projects and experiences on how to blow up or exploit boundaries of existing medias within undertakings such as long-term slit-scan photography and mapping as in '24/7' (http://m.ash.to/@/@/Projects/24-7), 'Danube Panorama Project' (http://www.danubepanorama.net/) and 'Nile Studies' (http://www.nilestudies.net/) as well as pirating live broadcasts to remix and re-broadcast with 'ASCII-WM 2006' (http://www.ascii-wm.net/)

Ajay Jain
Upon professional networking on the Internet, particularly in regard to using the LinkedIn system, upon which he has authored a successful book. Also upon his personal experiences in blogging on travel (Kunzum.com) and technology (TechGazing.com)

David Jimenez
Upon applying photography to create images that come more from imagination than from reality,.. changing continuously according to moment and circumstances, as 'open projects', wherein the individual images are in fact like words or phrases that combine to create larger structures. His presentation will include screening of a standalone video, 'Lo que queda' ('What remains' || 9min.), which sets a selection of his image-works to music

Krisgatha Achmad
Upon practicing as an Asian new media artist across the world, constantly combining cutting-edge technologies and tradition to cast new sounds and visuals into ever-new matrices of entertainment and revelation. And, upon scratch techniques on digital vinyl turntable, of previous performance works, comparing streaming live improvisation in real-time with software elements, images, video, and sound, as imaginary connectivity.
Krisgatha's participation is partly supported by Arts Network Asia, an enabling grant body, working across borders in multiple disciplines, that encourages collaboration initiated and implemented in Asia by Asian artists, and engaging with Asian arts communities

Gonzalo Ortiz
Upon Spanish-Indian interferences, interventions, interstices and associations in cultural matters, past and present, and also in regard to possibilities and propositions for the future. Gonzalo is Cultural Counsellor at the Spanish Embassy in New Delhi

Anirudh Goutham
Upon the genesis, practice and ongoing evolution of their new little animation-studio in Bangalore (Morph Digital Solutions), along with overviews upon multiple applications of animation, industry issues, and also needs in the Indian context, along with a case-study of how a small team worked on an international project

:::: EXHIBITS ::::
[venue: Flowermead Complex]
February 27, 2:30pm to March 1, Evening


:: A Few Little Inventions ::
by: Dhananjay V. Gadre & Nehul Malhotra (Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, New Delhi)

Electronic Birthday Blowout Candles ~ Turn the gadget on, and 20 tiny, multicolored LEDs start flickering (just like normal candles). Blow air over the “candles”, and they start to go off (just like normal candles again). Keep blowing till you put them all off.

Battery-less Electronic Dice ~ Our electronic dice doesn’t use any batteries. But of course, it needs energy to operate, which you as the user provide, by gently shaking the dice. And when you stop, it shows a random LED pattern between 1 and 6. And no, you can’t manipulate the dice in any way. No more Shakuni Mamas. We vouch for a fair deal.

Electronic Flickering Candle ~ A warm white high-brightness LED packaged in a Perspex tube and a wooden base, operates with batteries to flicker just like a normal candles. A perfect replacement for normal candles, with no flames. To quote a YouTube comment: Great job! I wish I knew how to make one, especially for the altars. This is a fire-safe solution when we pray using candles.

Tiny Tengu ~ A remake of the famous Tengu toy originally made by Mr. Jones (http://www.tengutengutengu.com/). Ours is just smaller and cheaper to make. It has a LED display matrix that mimics a face, with twinkling blue eyes. It responds to ambient noise/sound/music and makes different faces for different sound frequencies. Will keep you enthralled for hours.

Touch Sensitive LED Sensor and Display Matrix ~ LEDs used for both sensor and display. In this project we have arranged 10 LEDs in a straight line, to independently sense when you put a finger over any one of them. For this exhibit, the matrix has been programmed to simply generate different notes on a small buzzer. It can equally be adapted to work like a DJ’s controller console as well.

Bi-directional LED Spinning Top with Message Display ~ A spinning LED top using AAA batteries. The LEDs are arranged along the radius of the top and when you spin the top, these are programmed to display a message. When you spin it the other way, a different message is displayed.

Fire-free LED Matchstick ~ A monster-size matchstick, that is both fire-free and also fire-safe. Strike the matchstick against the side of a specially designed matchbox to have the white LED ‘match-head’ light up, flicker awhile, and then eventually splutter off, just like a normal matchstick.

You Touched My Heart – Valentines LED Heart Display ~ A perfect Valentines Day project. LEDs are arranged in a heart shape. Bring your hand close to the heart, and it starts blinking faster and faster….

:: DSI ~ 2000-2005 ::
Retrospective of Digital-Still-Imaging from ‘ The IDEA’ series of CD-Gazettes (2000-2005), earlier exhibited in CeC & CaC 2008, as framed prints, in India International Centre, New Delhi. The vinyl prints will be exhibited in CeC 2009 bound together as a 16in. x 20in, flip-through folder.

Works by: Zazie (Austria), Nilanjan Das (India), Bruce Eves (Canada), Tom Chambers (USA), Margie Labadie (USA), Elena Ray (USA), David Camp (USA), Joe Nalven (USA), Roopesh Sitharan (Malaysia), Pankuj Parashar (India), Warren Furman (USA) , Chaz Maviane-Davies (Zimbabwe), Afanassy Pud (Russia), Gerald O'Connell (UK), Maurizio Manzieri (Italy), Pieter Zandvliet (Netherlands), Bob Schuchman (USA), Melvin Strawn (USA), Tibor Kovacs-egri (Hungary), Sophie Gaur (India / Australia), Ansgard Thomson (Canada), Jaideep Mehrotra (India), John Antoine Labadie (USA), Siegfried Schreck (Germany), Karin Kuhlmann (Germany), Istvan Horkay (Hungary), Ileana Frometa Grillo (Venezuela), Hans-Georg Turstig (Germany / USA)

:: Videopatía ::
webwork by: Irma Solernou, Beatriz S√°nchez & Antonio R. Montesinos

Videopatía shows a collection of crystal jars where some small persons are trapped inside. The jars can exchange places and the characters inside will react depending on the person they have on the left or on the right side, (they can start communicating with each other, try to escape, seek attention, get crazy…) While one user is playing with the videos, we understand that he/her becomes “videopata”: a collector of videos or small people. The viewer plays with them and supposedly manipulates their behavior.

:: Wireless Robot ::
by Student of Birla Institute of Applied Sciences - Bhimtal
Details Awaited

:::: Software Inputs ::::
for the performances


VJinie ~ by Robert Praxmarer

A live webcam-based video-manipulation software, specially modified/simplified for performance use in CeC 2009. It was originally created in 2007-'08 by Robert, an artist, technologist and teacher (Austria), who has been well-known almost all of his life thus far; first as a specially gifted child,... and then increasingly as a radical and cutting-edge technology innovater, associated with Ars Electronica for several years before going independent to pursue further studies, research, and art practice.

C::NTR::L ~ by Marco Donnarumma

A brand-new software, developed in PureData, for live audiovisual improvisation, using almost any standard string instrument as the audio-video controller. Marco himself, who may be better known to some as "The !S.A.D! DJ", is an Italian multimedia artist, researcher, lecturer, and also an organizer and artistic director for the annual global event called 'Live Performers Meeting', which is one of the broadest events in Italy and Europe focused upon New Media Arts.

:::: Short Creative Videoworks ::::
& Unaccompanied Presentations
[venue: Flowermead Cottage]
(note: adult materials will be culled for closed-door screening)


Coordinated by Toni Calderon and Ima Pico (Forjaarte || Valencia)

Curator ~ Jillian Mcdonald (New York)

Natural Interpretation ~ Rick Silva's poetic intervention plugs the white dune, snow-crusted brook, and other quiet wonders into his scheme as hapless instruments in a sublime analogue remix. Stephanie Lempert translates the mouth movements of passive goldfish into English monosyllables.

Relentless Remix ~ Orit Ben-Shitrit and Harold Moss's magazine imagery montage permits us a glimpse of their subterranean dreamworld populated by strange monsters. Liselot van der heijden finds innuendo and ridiculous machismo in one familiar posture from a Hollywood western. Paul Slocum's solicited recreations of a melodramatic scenario from sitcom television are fascinating in their subtle variations.

Fantastic Mischief ~ Marina Zurkow's space invaders cavort unseen as they infiltrate New York City's gritty textural infrastructure. Tricia McLaughlin's 'machine for living' posits an architecture that happily destroys and asexually reproduces itself in a satirical romp.

You're Not My Father ~ by Paul Slocum, is composed of a sequence of recreations of a 10 second scene from the television show Full House, overlaid with sound loops from the scene's original music. The crews who re-shot the scene were recruited through Internet message boards and Craigslist; each was paid $150. Instructions for shooting the scene and delivering the footage were issued to the crews. The project includes participants from Austin, Cincinnati, Chicago, Dallas, Denton, London, and San Francisco.

You Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine ~ by Liselot van der Heijden, features ubiquitous cowboy John Wayne, inexhaustibly shows off acrobatic tricks with his gun.

Villa Savoye ~ by Tricia McLaughlin, in which Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye's own shadow tramples on the building, as pink innards are pushed out of the interior. Working with the remains of the original building, the pink gooey blobs start to form a new home. These breathing blobs also stick to the shadow 'monster', adding to the changing form of the structure. In this animation the 'machine for living in' is now a living machine.

A Rough Mix ~ by Rick Silva remixes nature in this glitchy and poetic high definition work.

The Long from Inside ~ by Orit Ben-Shitrit and Harold Moss, is a digital time-based composition that gives a glimpse into a psychological state reflecting both internal and external realities. At its heart is a reconstructed narrative of a quotidian cinematic world that slowly begins to rupture.

The Space Invaders ~ by Marina Zurkow is a composite of live action footage and 2D character animation that plays off vaudeville sketches, early cartoon pranks, and Grand Guignol's shock theater. In The Space Invaders, USA's Homeland Security Advisory System -particularly Code Orange- is made manifest as a set of characters who gallivant beneath the radar in New York City. Rendered as fleshy, capricious agents, these particular 'invaders' personify the nostalgic arcade game of aliens who fall from the sky. The video's amoral crack-dwellers, hobs and giants who translucently roam the streets come from inside, and not by spaceship or by airplane.

Read My Lips ~ by Stephanie Lempert, addresses the role of language as one of many possible methods of communication, with the artist drawing attention to our use of the spoken word's interpretation within each society. Working with a speech pathologist to decipher the “words spoken” by each fish, the artist is able, through inflection and tempo, to bring new meaning to the breath movements of common goldfish.

:: THE NAMASTIC ART COLLECTIVE :: (Helsinki, Finland)
Realised in Cooperation with AV-ARKKI, Finland
(120 minutes)

Digital and media art are one of the strongest and most innovative fields of art in Finland. This is due to many reasons, including the fact that Finland is a high-tech country and artists have always been interested in experimenting with the new possibilities of new media. Sometimes there is also interaction between art and enterprises who are directly interested in the discovery of new tools or new ways to use old devices. There is innovation everyday in this field; it evolves very quickly with technique as well as with aesthetic. And it reflects on society, on our way of living, on our identity.

In this investigation, some of the artists play with technology as a tool to reach something beyond the Human, the Mental Projection of a Digital Self. Sometimes in a playful and joyful way, sometimes in a more introspective and demanding As Finland does not have a very long tradition of art and there is a sense of freedom among the artists when they create. The same goes for the public too. Most people, especially the younger generations, are rather open minded and tech-savvy and can appreciate the convergence of art and technology very well. This kind of “mental climate” combined with accessible technology and good venues is fertile ground for interesting digital art. This has also attracted many foreign artists to come to live and work in Finland, enriching the art scene with their knowledge and energy. The Namastic Art Collective has set out to take Finnish digital art to international festivals also to share the products of this unique culture with the wider world.

X-Rayed ~ by Juha Mäki-Jussila
Love Song ~ Adel Abidin
Beat Box – Alternate Take ~ by Jani Rusica
Pulse + ~ by Pink Twins
Neon ~ by Egle Oddo
Elle ~ by Rikard Lassenius
Bewegung ~ by Kristina Frei & Marko Timlin
Blue Giraffe ~ by Mikko Maasalo
Seven ~ Pekka Sassi
The Egg ~ by Maurice Blok
The Burden ~ by Oirjetta Brander
The Elicopter ~ Markus Renvall
For Better, For Worse ~ Heta Kuchka
Caustically Happy ~ Tjader Knight

In the Forest There Is a Path of Martin Heidegger ~ by Jaana Kokko (12:00 || 2006-2008)

When working as an artist-in-residence in Freiburg, Germany, my studio was situated near the philosopher Martin Heidegger's home. The Black Forest was next to his house, and on the edge of the forest was a path named after him.

In the video, I am addressing my questions and thoughts to Professor Heidegger. He acts as a narrative link, a person that moves the video's plot forward. The piece presents hope for a better and more equal encounter between people.

Performers: Percy Cubas (Freiburg 6/ 2006), Maja Teofilovic (Berlin 4/ 2006), Jaana Kokko (Freiburg 1-6/ 2006), Alexander Lackmann (St. Petersburg 8/ 2005), Outi Vuoriranta (Voiceover, Helsinki 5/2008),

Nordic improvisation meeting 2007 participants (Outokumpu, Finland 6/2007): Keskusta pyörille -mielenosoittajat. Järj. Maan Ystävät. (Helsinki 10.7. 2007).

Soundmaterials: Cembalo: Jontte Knif || Äänitys: Kuisma Eskola (Helsinki, Sibeliusakatemian kamarimusiikkisali 11/2006)

Additional sound recording: (water birds, chrystal: Samy Kramer. (Helsinki 4-5/2008)
Sound Mix, Sound Editing: Samy Kramer
Script, Cinematography, Sound and Editing: Jaana Kokko
Translations: Elina Mikkilä, Jaana Kokko, Samy Kramer

Further reading, watsching/ or direct Quotes in the text: Heidegger, Martin - Arendt, Hannah: Briefe (1925-1975). Verlag Vittorio Klosterman, Frankfurt am Main, 1991. 2. painos. Hertzog, Werner: Maasta se kääpiökin ponnistaa. Elokuva. 1970. Jarman Derek: Puutarha. Elokuva. Great Britain, 1990. Kokko, Jaana : Luopumisen Estetiikasta (Ideologisen taiteen näyttämö 12/2004). Lackmann, Alexander : "To Sappho", Kokoelmasta Erotica. Omakustanne, St. Petersburg, 2006. Ton Steine Scherben. http://www.riolyrics.de. http:// www.youtube.com

Thanks: Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt, Samy Kramer, Outi Vuoriranta, Kirsi Liimatainen, Andrea, Maja Teosovic, Percy Cubas, Kathrin Hintsch, Rolf Störtzer, Johannes Rühl Arts Council of Finland (2006) Visek (2007)

Curator Sergio Zavattieri ~ in cooperation with Zelle Arte Contemporanea & Galleria Gianluca Collica (Italy)
We may be asking too much of art. Nowadays, we are more dependent on technology and consumerism in general. In that way we almost forget about what is going on inside us, which is habitually something actually more intricate and significant. Perhaps, for the same reason, we are every day trying to construct a different world for ourselves.
(Total Duration: 60'58” minutes)

Monster ~ by Robert Morgan (12' / 2004 / UK)
Mater ~ by Paolo Bonfiglio (7'20''/ 2007 / Italy)
Current Electra presents: Antony Hill ~ by Cane CapoVolto (04'14” / 2007 / Italy)
Current Electra presents: Christoph Heemann ~ by Cane CapoVolto (5'42”/ 2007 / Italy)
The Bride ~ by Katia Beltrame (14'43” / 2006 / UK)
Orgasm in the Movies, 2008 ReEdit ~ Stephana Scmidt (15'30” / 2008 / Germany)
Recollection Music Box ~ by Federico Lupo (2'09”/ 2008 / Italy)

:: PURE SCREEN *02 ::
Curator Sophia Crilly. (Manchester, UK)
PureScreen is Castlefield Gallery's regular screening event for artist film and video. Since its inception, in March 2003, the programme has provided a platform for outstanding recent work and supported new and established practitioners and curators. It operates an annual, international open call for submissions for new works, and also produces PureScreen: Film & Video Artists Information Pack, compiling international resources with the intention of assisting artists and curators whose practice involves the production and exhibition of moving image work.

PureScreen is supported by Arts Council England, and from each new season of screenings a DVD compilation is produced, which tours internationally, in order to support and promote the practice of the artists PureScreen has worked with.

The films selected for inclusion on PureScreen DVD *02 represent the highlights and a cross-section of the diversity of works from the 2006/07 season of screening programmes, featuring recent work by UK and internationally based artists.

The Sun Always Shines on the Righteous ~ by Jordan Baseman (London, UK / 2004 / 16')

The Sun Always Shines on the Righteous takes place during a demolition derby held in Barrow-in-Furness. The work features ‘Grandad': a 41 year old grandfather, demolition derby driver and philosopher, and Adam: a six foot tall, 30 stone drag entertainer, whose stage name is ‘The Fat Tart'. (Support by Grizedale Arts)

Love is a Burning Thing ~ by Dave Griffiths (Manchester, UK / 2005 / 7' 40”)

Fiery bursts lurk between movie reels, signalling unseen mechanics. Projectionists watch and count the governing pulse, anxiously attempting to perform seamless changeovers. This film draws from an ongoing collection of cue-dot episodes that are painstakingly sifted and appropriated from free digital-TV broadcasts. This growing archive of near-redundant objects provides an archaeological means of remembering cinema's outgoing physicality, and a method of inquiry into narrative and perceptual processes.

Untitled (Dog) ~ by Alexander Heim (London, UK / 2006 / 4' 15”)

Shot in the suburbs of China's rapidly growing capital, Beijing; a stray street dog wanders around a busy road and for a moment makes it his place to rest, strangely disorientated and unaware of the threat by the cars. His inability to differentiate between manmade and natural environment makes him vulnerable, yet keeps him in charge of the situation in an almost glorious way.

Colours ~ by Hamish Dunbar & Jack Holden (London, UK / 2005 / 13)

Colours was inspired by a real character based in San Francisco known as the Red Man; an elderly gentleman, whom for no apparent reason always painted his face and hands in red paint and dressed impeccably in red clothes. The Red Man died in December 2002, aged 84. His unique appearance had killed him: the Chinese food colouring and other substances he had used to paint himself had poisoned his blood and damaged his internal organs. The film was created using extracts from the artists' personal archive of their own film footage, with the inclusion of new scenes featuring a red man.

Barenzirkus ~ by Jim Hollands (London, UK / 2005 / 7' 15”)

A found footage work depicting a Russian Bear Circus from the 1960's. Purchased from a second-hand shop in Liepzig, the artist re-filmed the Super 8 film on video and added his own sound. It provides a meditation upon the nature of abuse and heartbreak. The work contains images that some people may find upsetting.

Lenox ~ by Esther Johnson (Hull, UK / 2006 / 10' 15”)

Lenox is a look at the past and present of one of Buffalo's oldest hotels and the many stories contained within its weathered walls. A journey through a hotel's faded 1920's Art Deco interior, versus shabby retro Americana.
Humming ~ by Lisa Keiko Kirton (Aberdeen, UK / 2005 / 5' 30”)

A woman returns home after a night out, and we see her removing her adornments, slowly stripping away the facets of conventional beauty and becoming adopting her true state, whilst humming a tune.

Eden ~ by Rob Kennedy (Glasgow, UK / 2004 / 1' 49”)

A fragmented city of extraordinary light penetrates a brief staccato bombardment of words. Snatched glimpses of private worlds, drenched in the sulphur flood of city night, fight with these words, to tell a tale of waiting and desire. A story of maladjusted scale, set amidst the auditory fizz and crackle of electronic construction.

Derf ~ by Jeremy Newman (Ohio, USA / 2004 / 3' 58”)

Derf is a documentary video short about an alternative cartoonist from Cleveland, Ohio. From his teenage years with Jeffrey Dahmer, to garbage truck epiphany, it traces his path to underground celebrity. The story is told through his drawings and commentary.

Automatic Film 1 (In Another Place) ~ by Alex Pearl (Melton, UK / 2005 / 4' 30”)

Automatic Film 1 was made using a range of automatic camera operators and actors, which were let loose in a disused church.

Ghost Story ~ by Erica Scourti (London, UK / 2006 / 3' 50”)

In Ghost Story, Erica Scourti tells her life story as a collage made up of the titles of various celebrity autobiographies. The artist's own biography thus becomes a fragmented tale told in part very subjectively through the prism of memory. The line between real life and fiction is blurred, likewise calling into question the veracity of what is recounted in the cited books.

Cross Examination ~ by Josh Weinstein (New York, USA / 2005 / 5' 40”)

Cross Examination takes the man on the street interview into the realm of a sociological experiment in which the artist spontaneously asks strangers on the streets of New York about himself based on their immediate perceptions of him. The humorous and candid responses belie the complexity of the experiment.

Nowhere Man ~ by Marilyn Whittle (Hertfordshire, UK / 2006 / 1' 40”)

A digitally re-worked 16mm vintage, found-footage film, which shows the protagonist searching into archaic virtual reality goggles. As the film progresses it becomes apparent that his sense of self is lost, which culminates in his implosion.

Videoart Center Tokyo. Curator Yuki Yoshida. (Japan)

life IMAGED ~ by Kazumi KANEMAKI (2006 13min)

The juxtaposition of the images between a Western movie by Hollywood and the artist's routine life in the split screen, makes us compare the drama and the daily life. This also shows her daily life where surrounding images internalizes her. This work involves gender issues, since there is an attitude that as a woman it's hard to accept herself as the "Loser" in the Western movie.

Living in the Box ~ by Kentaro Taki+Naoya Ooe (2007 7min)

Body parts are displayed in the white box as specimen. Each part tries to seek something and these behaviors seem to remind ourselves of today's blockaded situation. This is the collaboration work with Naoya Ooe(operation) + Maiko Date(dancer) directed by Kentaro Taki. This is the short version of the original work.
AI ~ by Sung Nam HAN (2006 9min)

This is the second part from trilogy on "AI=sexual intercourse." In front of fusuma painting "Kaede-zu"by Tohaku Hasegawa(16c. painter), a couple make indirect intercourse by gazing each other. Their cross-gazing intercourses with the movements of fusuma painting. "At this moment, the couple are as if without heaven, without ground, without society, without people at all.

SHOT ~ by Nishiyama Shuhei (2007 11min)

Each “moment” of destructive force of the reality has been shot, recorded, and visualized. Set the boundary of before and after deconstruction at the 'moment' when image and sound of collision match together, and the artist visualizes idea of 'non-revertible'. This work deconstructs the image of deconstruction by differentiation, repetition, expansion and addition of image/sound of different moments.

Pathologic Video Practices ~ by Naoya Ooe (2006 2min)

The simulation of how audiences reacted to films in early times, evokes the sense of falsehood but new perspectives. The extendation relates to the reference to media that to release from captivity of information system.

The Lost in the Backyard of Surface ~ Naoya Ooe (2006 7min)

The simulation of how audiences reacted to films in early times, is a fiction but creates the new perspectives. From the point of video, this discloses the principles of imprisonment by the media information, and will be extended to the criticism against media.

Abrare Koinobori (GOLDENSHIT) ~ by Katsuyuki HATTORI+Yusuke SHINMURA (video performance 2005 15min)
This video consists of 6 acts of rhythmical and optical composition of a live quartet. The spectator encounters the boundary between the light and the image. A documentation of the premiere performance at Art Space Kimura, Tokyo in 2005.

Bild:Muell=Image:Junk ~ by Kentaro Taki (video installation 2006 5min)

A documentation of a video installation exhibited in Yokohama Portside Gallery in 2006. "Bild:Muell" means "Image: Junk" in German. The video collage projected on various shaped cubes simulates the cityscape overflowed with images/information.

Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

:: CologneOFF IV - Segment 1 ::

Etude, by Dario Bardic (2007, 3:20, Croatia)
Dear Neighbour, by Christian Bermudez (2006, 7:00, Costa Rica)
J.F.'s Toolbox, by Virginie Foloppe (2004, 5:50 France)
Foreigner-Straniero, by Giuseppe Girardi (2008, 6:56, Italy)
Nocturne, by Bill Domonkos (2006, 4:43, USA)
Anatolia, by Sinasi Günes (2006, 2:18, Turkey)
Coagulate, by Mihai Grecu (2008, 5:56, Romania)
Joined at the Head, by David Jakubovic (2008, 4:40, USA)
Africa, by Ane Lan (2007, 4:34, Norway)
Interception, by Roch Forowicz (2007, 11:33, Poland)
Displaced Treshold, by Brad Schwede (2008, 7:19, Australia)

:: CologneOFF IV - Segment 2 ::

Beautiful Landscape, by Pietro Mele (2006, 1:46, Italy)
Who is Miri Nishri, by Miri Nishri (2008, 14:00, Israel)
A journey through the South-Sami Lappish country ~ an encounter with Sami tales and Yoiks by Linda Persson (2008, 14:47, Sweden)
Tin Can Crowns, by Mikael Prey aka Fetish23 (2007, 12:00, Sweden)
Fashion Death by Daniel Rodrigo (2007, 4:53, Spain)
El Camino-The Way, by Felipe Matilla Alonso (2008, 12:00, Spain)
A Growing White Stone, by Shoko Toda (2008, 14:34, Japan)
Levitate?-Tomato Juice, by Yu Chung-I (2005, 1:47, Taiwan)
Suspect, by Magsamen + Hillerbrand (2008, 3:30, USA)

:: CologneOFF IV - Segment 3 ::

The Occidentialist, by Daniel Slåttnes (2007, 1:18, Norway)
Meeting Florchen Gordon, by Grace Schwindt (2008, 4:29, UK)
N.Orleans, by Julio Velaso (2008, 5:20, Colombia)
Is Fighting Our Machine, by Liu Wei (2003, 4:10, China)
Undisclosed Beauty, by Anders Weberg (2008, 3:13, Sweden)
Eungyung - I have always been a foreigner, by Maria Ylikoski (2008, 11:15, Finland)
Switch, by Yu Cheng Yu (2008, 4:32, Taiwan)
Trace, by Lin Ying Chen (2007, 5:36“)
Test Phantom, by Robin Kiteley (2007, 5:03, UK)
Spaghetti, by Carla Della Beffa (2007, 2:42, Italy)
Opened, by Jay Needham (2006/2007, 5:00, USA)
Testimony, by Nhieu Do (2008, 7:12, USA)
Rise, by Michal Brzezinski (2006, 2:03, Poland)
Scalable City New Trailer, by Sheldon Brown (2008, 4:00, USA)
Memory, by Walters, E.W. (2007,2:34, Poland)
Personal Text Public Body, by Beatrice Allegrati (2007, 15:00, UK)
Acquaintences, by Irina Novarese (2007/2008, 10:41, Italia)
Planet Spa, by ≈ΩELJKA FUDERER LEVAK (2008, 5:09, Croatia)
apart cisne, by Érika Fraenkel (2004, 2:20, Brazil)
Reigning Cats and Dogs, by Michael Fortune (2007, 5:00, Ireland)
The Bitty Anomy, by Lo, Yi-Chun (Taiwan)
Hitchhiker, by Yoko FUKUSHIMA (2007, 2:03, Japan)
Let's Make a Deal, by Rafael (2008, 2:45, Belgium)
The Crowning, by Magrin, Alberto (2008, 2:21, Italy)
The Rosary | Sibha as a Communal Sculpture, by Richard Jochum (2007/2008, 5:08, Austria/USA)

:: CologneOFF IV - Mother ::

New Samples, by Marina Landia (2006, 4:20, UK)
Pastry, by Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir (2005, 5:51, Iceland)
Mother, by Antti Salvela (2008, 1:00, Sweden)
Mother and Lost Daughter, by Joshua & Zachary Sandler (2008, 3:54, USA)
Timed Out, by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (2008, 9:35, Germany)
I Carry Your Heart, by Jessica Curry (2008, 6:11, UK)
Matter, by Jeanette Louie (2008, 8:00, USA)
Mother-Mater, by Paolo Bonfiglio (2007, 7:20, Italy)
She was also there, by Nicole Pruckermayr (2008, 5:49, Austria)
The Chair, by Grace Schwindt (2008, 9:47, UK)
Stop Stealing My Face, by Grace Graupe-Pillard (2007, 3:11, USA)
Between Love and Duty, by Sonja Vuk (2008, 6:25, Croatia)


FILE – Electronic Language International Festival (17:43 || Brazil || wwweb) ~ Conception & Organization: Ricardo Barreto & Paula Perissinotto

A collective documentation of FILE's 2007 edition, which presented different kinds of works in several categories: FILE Media Art, FILE Hipersonica, FILE Games, FILE Cinema Documenta and FILE Symposium, which usually proposes discussions about the electronic-digital culture in its relations to art, science and technologies.

FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, is the primary art and technology festival of Brazil and Latin America, as well as one of the most renowned events in the world in this area. It has, for nine years so far, inserted Brazil into the global context of art and technology, by performing exciting global compilations of cutting-edge artistic productions in the fields of electronic and digital arts, and also by working as an indicator of the plurality of such productions.

DA_7_8_RYSS, 2008-2009 (20:00 || USA) ~ Tom Chambers & Students

Middle school students [7th and 8th grades] at Raul Yzaguirre School For Success [RYSS], Houston, Texas, U.S.A. participated in a classroom assignment involving GIMP 2 photo software [a Photoshop equivalent], and vocabulary-building through word identification/meaning, via the Internet. Each student was given a particular word to discover the meaning of online, and then translate that meaning into Digital Art. As a result, vocabulary enhancement came to the forefront, with skills-acquisition in digitally manipulating photographs.

7th Grade Students: Brenda Alvarez, Manuel Ambriz, Jocelyne Arredondo, Julio Arredondo, Adrian Bahena, Jonatan Betancourt, Marion Bock, Jessica Bravo, Bianca Camposano, Ana Caseres, Christopher Castillo, Omar Cervantes, Oscar Cervantes, Lucy Coronado, Andy Cortes, Eduardo Cortez, Amanda Del Castillo, Erik Diaz, John Dominguez, Cynthia Estrada, Jennifer Flores, Daniel Garcia, Jennifer Garcia, Lucia Garfias, Sotero Garza, Isel Gomez, Alondra Gonzalez, Americo Gonzalez, Israel Guajardo, Kimberly Herrera, Jesus Izarraras, Geneva Ledesma, Maylin Lira, Christian Lopez, Maribel Lopez, Ramiro Marban, Francisco Martinez, Kelly Martinez, Veronica Martinez, Jessica Medrano, Grecia Menchaca, Noe Mondragon, Zachary Morales, Maritza Moreno, Blanca Moscoso, Rosario Moscoso, Tania Nieves, Fabian Ornelas, Alberto Orozco, Guadalupe Ortega, Jacqueline Ortiz, Sergio Ortiz, Marcelo Ortuño, Jonathan Peña, Ruben Perez, Blanca Ponce, Nataly Ponce-Landaverde, Frank Porche, Abigail Ramirez, Crystal Ramirez, Ivan Ramirez, Jorge Rangel, Joanna Renteria, Paloma Resendiz, Daniel Rivera, Omar Rodriguez, Luis Ruiz, Pedro Sanchez, Yosthman Sandoval, Roberto Silva, Fidel Torres, Joen Torres, Jazlyn Treviño, Mayreli Uyoa, Tiffany Valle, Melitza Vargas, Vasquez Arron, Vazquez Daniel, Vazquez Jesus, Tony Villalta, Zuniga Jessica

8th Grade Students: Raul Aguirre, Maria Ambriz, Lesly Arreguin, Martin Benitez, Patrick Bock, Jasmin Bonilla, Reyna Bravo, Rosalinda Castro, Maribel Ceron, Jose Chairez, Julie Chavez, Nohemi Chavez, Priscilla Cortez, Jacqueline Cruz, Zarait De Leon, Jorge Delgado, Roy DuQue, Jessica Gil, Alexis Gomez, Leonel Gudino, Jose Gutierrez, Lilliana Gutierrez, Bryan Hernandez, Christian Hernandez, Jennifer Herrera, Jessica Herrera, Raymundo Izaguirre, Adriana Lopez, America Loreto, Arthur Luevanos, Moises Maldonado, Armando Marquina, Eugenia Martin, Erika Martinez, Kimberly Martinez, Christian Moreno, Jennifer Moreno, Pedro Negrete, Daisy Orozco, Raymond Orozco, Catalina Pacheco, Leimy Palacios, Vanessa Paloma, Humberto Perez, Ana Ramirez, Oscar Ramirez, Alexandria Ramos, Johnathan Rivas, Fabian Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez, Linda Rodriguez, Elizabeth Roman, Christopher Saldaña, Rafael Saldivar, Autumn Sanchez, Jacob Santillan, David Solano, Eloisa Tijerina, Alma Tovar, Monica Velez, Julio Zavala, Kimberly Zuniga, Samantha Vasquez

This is Art (0:30, Italy, 2008) ~ Gruppo Sinestetico

Fluxus Experiment (6:45, Italy, 2008) ~ Gruppo Sinestetico

Ek Khwaish (India, 2008) ~ Namesh Nath Dham

an experimental image-based short film on Child-Trafficking, made by a school student

Riyaz Master Project (4:12, Netherlands, 2008) ~ Marta Moreno Munoz (aka Umabeecroft)

an experimental non-narrative road movie filmed in India. This is the short version

Contemporary Art with a Freakish Taste (6:5, Italy, 2008) ~ Claudio Parentela

'…I'm interested and I like strong contrasts…generally everywhere…in particular in art… I like much to mix all in myself…in my mind, in my art'

Re make up (1:00, Chile/Spain, 2005) ~ Sara Malinarich

An installation that culminates in action. This video show us a sequence of how a face makes up virtually, projecting to another people the image that her desired to transmit, but at the same time, forgetting small traces of what she try to conceal. An image reconstructed that the artist had given herself to go out and to be contemplated.

Stay in Place (5:30, Chile/Spain, 2006) ~ Sara Malinarich, with Maren Pimstein

Capture of a moment of chat connection between two friends through Internet. Thus, a tele-sharing space arises between them when both maintain this telematic dialogue by video conference system. The woman in the upper window is Maren Pimstein, located in Santiago of Chile at 14:32 hrs. 12th of June 2006; the other one is Sara Malinarich, located in Cuenca, Spain at 19:32hrs of that same day.

Cita a Ciegas (Blind Date) (5:00, Chile/Spain, 2008) ~ Sara Malinarich, with Aida Mañez

A telesharing action that forms part of the INTACT project, proposed and directed by Sara Malinarich.

Milady Smiles (2:50, Italy, 2007) ~ Caterina Davinio

A Jaguar promenade crossing Swiss hills, mysterious psychedelic passages from color to a '60s past in black & white, Sound mixes music, noise, electronic elaboration of conversation fragments, and the Jaguar motor itself.

"24/7 - Into the Direction of Light" (09:00, Austria, 2008) ~ Michael Aschauer

Blackness at the beginning turns into ever-lightening shades of blue, eventually becoming a view of the sea ~ water and sky, changing constantly in fast motion, before returning once again to the blackness of night. Shot over a period of seven days, 24 hours each, the work uses digital technology to continue the tradition of that branch of experimental film dedicated to exploring the mechanisms of cinematographic representation, using landscapes and their topographic features, or natural phenomena.

:: Spanish Videoworks ::
& one Interactive Piece
curtaed by Ima Pico

La casa por el tejado ~ by Teresa Tom√°s (3D Anim., 16:00, Spain, 2004)

RAIN goes down the stairs naked. The drops falling down, dance forming a source. She falls on the roof-sea that turns into the doors of a cupboard. She chooses a suit of conches and fish as a dress. Dressed RAIN is called SEA. Tired she goes to sleep, hangs her suits, the cupboard is transformed in bed. SEA wraps itself up to dream of the sheets that were doors. They are raised by a bunch of balloons in the sky as they contemplate her last transformation. SEA seated, is transformed in CLOUD with the form of an armchair.

Destejer el arco iris by Teresa Tom√°s (3D Anim., 13:00, Spain, 2007)

A white rabbit goes in through a keyhole, like a magician's top hat, and decomposes, as light does through the prism, into seven coloured rabbits. The characters in this story are changed from beings of light into coloured rabbits along a journey through a metaphorical maze.

Temor&Amor 1 ~ by Carlos Cid (10:00, Spain, 2005-2007)

Exploring emotions is the root, the base, the heart of this project, and this has contributed to its progress.
The project stems from the power of fears. The project shows how fears surround souls, how they invade people and deform their movement or at times almost stop them, slow them down, or make them fall. It is an expression of intimacy. This is the starting point.

From there it is a trip, an internal exploration, a metaphor of growth and openness. Of how, departing from fear, it is possible to get in a field of life, one gets rid of the fear's weight, experiences the liberation, and gets reborn within love.

Symbols are used to represent this movement: clothes represent fears, the ties. The nudity, is love and liberation. In the process, bravery and will play an essential part, as well as our connection with nature.
And the unthinkable is uncovered.

This project is raw poetry, it is melody and it is dance. It is a very intimate spiral and a call to detachment. A testimony of intuitive internal strength. The most enrooted is the most paralysing. This project flourished as its participants matured. Sincere and open. A beautiful invitation to liberation, to love and to nature.

Kaizen ~ by Carlos Cid (4:30, Spain, 2007)

'Kaizen' defines a series that Carlos Cid has planned as a work in progress, of which we present the first images. At the same time, we will show the video work of this series that Cid has autonomously developed, favouring a fruitful and dialectic dialogue with his photographic work.

Human-nw ~ by Montse Arbelo y Joseba Franco (12:30, Spain)

Laughter and tears, like life and death, go hand in hand and are part of our everyday life. But war – violence – is a personal decision exercised with the objective of dominating the other. The desire to impose one's own culture on everyone else has been a constant element among individuals and groups. This situation is constantly aggravated by the different degrees of control over technology and energy resources. The victims are always victims, and the tyrants are never innocent. Visitors won't have a single point of view, they will have to make distinctions and position themselves, strip themselves of their own identities in order to encounter the other, in the others, the thousands of characters who come to life in the images that surround them. They can't opt out. They will go on to form part of this History.

Videopatía ~ by Irma Solernou, Beatriz Sánchez and Antonio R. Montesinos (interactive Webwork, Spain, 2006)


a retrospective of time-based art by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
[58 minutes :: 2004-2008]

A cycle of mainly experimental ‘hybrid' videoworks, created through 2004-2008 by the well-known Cologne based media artist Agricola de Cologne, representing primarily 'time', 'history', and also the subcategories 'memory' and 'identity'.

The works are collectively about very personal time, with the artist allowing the audience to participate in his personal experiences, perceptions and stories, transformed into moving pictures via the medium of video, in different ways in each different work. **In the normal course, several of these works may need to be viewed several times over, so as to be properly understood**

1. Inability of Being Nude (2:00, 2004) ~ Taking up the classical theme of the 'nude' in a contemporary interpretation, as a psychological condition. The viewer is confronted with different levels and movements of baring/exposing. He becomes very quickly aware, that he did not enter a peep-show, but is disturbing intimacy, a process of emptiness.

2. Truth – Paradise Found (3:00, 2004) ~ The story of the human desire to be as close to truth as possible. But who will ever succeed while living a life dominated by fast-running time, and endless searching? The work consists of three sections, a spiritual section, a physical section, and the acting level. The original raw video was filmed in 2003 at the Rila Monastery, known as the spiritual centre of Bulgaria.

*Awarded as ‘Best Experimental Film' at the 3rd International Budapest Short Film Festival, 2007.

3. Distortion Projected (4:50, 2005) ~ In 1998, Agricola de Cologne became a victim of a terror attack. This work is his attempt to make the traumatic experiences perceivable via metaphorical images on an emotional level. The artist's voice, performing one of his musical compositions, uses sound instead of words in order to symbolize the speechlessness and inability of the people around him to react properly.

4. House of Tomorrow (3:00, 2005) ~ The house of tomorrow is the house of one's identity. It does not need to be a concrete house or building, but represents a secure and protected place where people can stand for what they are and represent, as human beings, with many identities in different fields, wherein the sexual identity represents just one amongst many others.

*Awarded 'Magmart Video Art Award Naples (Italy) 2006', and 'Bele.Arte.Lamia Video Art Award Lamia (Greece)'

5. Message from Behind a Wall (10:00, 2005) ~ The segregation wall in Palestine is a fact. In November 2004, an artistic action against the wall ended, taking place at six different places in Palestine where walls were under construction, initiated by Palestine artists by inviting artists from different countries to paint an artistic message on the concrete. When Agricola de Cologne was in Bethlehem in February 2005, he visited several places where the Israelis were erecting the wall. The part of the wall that he filmed is situated opposite the AIDA refugee camp (UN), and was at that time a temporary playground for children. And, these children made their own contribution to the huge wall paintings. Message from Behind a Wall, featuring Faten Nasdas, one of the initiators of the wall paintings, is transporting different messages, but the main message represents the action of children's innocence. The moving picture is a unique document of the day of 17 February 2005. Meanwhile, the construction of the wall in Bethlehem is nearly completed.

*Thanks to Faten Nasdas, International Center Bethlehem, children of Bethlehem

6. Home so near, home so far (11:30, 2006) ~ Filmed during a visit to the home of Marcela Rosen, artist, and Ricardo Castro, the Mapuche Indian living in Santiago/Chile, who is seen reciting a poem in Mapuche language, and playing a typical Mapuche musical instrument, the Thruthruka.

7. Urban.early sunday morning_raw, v. 2 (4:30 – 2007) ~ Digital video created in Flash, inspired by the Central Station of Milan (Italy).

Metropolis: sunday morning, between open end and twilight, between hope and resignation, between following a dream and returning that night to the home town or village outside. Coming from the disco, full of the impressions of that juicy girl or that horny boy, doubtful of whether preserving innocence or following the instinct for an outstanding erotic adventure. It is the moment of not yet knowing, vacillating between yes or no. It is a same ritual each weekend, even if decisions are made once. It is a game between identifying and identity. The work describes the urban landscape as a scenario of a play, wherein the protagonists are embedded without any chance of escape.

8. Bareback – serial DIScharge (6:00, 2007) ~ This experimental film tells the story of a homeless person, with identity lost to traumatic experiences, using the form of allegorical representation to point to essential questions of human existence.

*Awarded the 'Videoart Award Bele Arte Lamia 2007 - high commendation', and the 'FONLAD Video Award 2007 ONLAD - Digital Art Festival Coimbra/Pt'

9. RED: One Day on Mars (8:00, 2007) ~ A human being is obliged to spend at least one day in his lifetime on Mars. Mars, the red desert planet; Mars, the god of war. Mars can be anywhere, anyplace that is identified with the inhuman, violence, hate, rage, revenge and despair. The original film material was recorded 2006 in Palestine & Israel.

*Awarded the 2008 Special Jury Award for 'Best Experimental Film” at The 1st International Cyprus Short Film Festival, 2008

10. En [code] ed (5:30, 2008) ~ A videowork created in Flash, inspired by a visit of Thessaloniki, which sets out to describe the principle of 'code', or 'coding', in the form of an allegory, a metaphorical story as a ritual of meeting, dominating and resigning. The code is identified as a state of the static, dogmatic and conservative, which asks for obedience, but gives no chance to escape.

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Ashim Ghosh
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Pro Helvetia
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