Transmission Communications (TransCom) label calls for demos

Electronic-influenced bands and artists with interesting ideas and an independent perspective should send demos to: PO Box 6291, Fairfield Gardens, QLD 4103. TransCom of Brisbane has been releasing leftfield electronic music since 1994, including the groundbreaking Evidence, Cyberia and Abstraction compilations - see for details

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2004 Next Wave Festival Submission Deadline Friday

A reminder: Next Wave is currently seeking submissions for next year's festival (to be held from the 18th - 30th May 2004). The deadline for submissions is coming Friday 1st August. The 2004 festival's theme is Unpopular Culture.


Dreamland releases are now available in both Synaesthesia
Records and Peril Underground.

BLTC EZine 29/7/2003

read more for the latest event listings & info from BLTC

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Email Campaign to lobby against introduction of tafe fees

an email campaign to lobby the Premier of NSW to NOT
introduce course fees for TAFE has been setup - read more for details

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