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Genre: Beats, Jazz, HipHop, Electronica, Pop : Formed in march 2004, Munchkin fuse elements of electronica and pop into their own unique style, their debut album "nothing has changed except for everything" is a journey through various shades of darkness and light. The music is written by bassist/programmer Geddy who provides the canvas and outlines for vocalist kaliah and guitarist/producer Dale to fill in the colours. In the past, Geddy has toured successfully around Australia with his last band BARCODE who also released the successful EP "killing the boy". Kaliah has just returned from three years of travelling around europe and asia where she performed in various locations. Dale has finished his audio diploma and has started a company called "EVOLUTION AUDIO". read more for more information gig dates and band info

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Australian Music Links Online is a comprehensive online links directory of Australian bands, artists and musicians categorised by location and name. It also contains Australian music resources and a chat forum. visit for details

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