Super Massive play Will & Toby's Supper Club, Friday 18th May


Ex-MGF drummer Glenn Abbott shows us what he’s been up to since MGF broke up. Abbott’s new synth/dance/rock band Super Massive play at the newly launched Will & Toby’s Taylor Square on Friday 18th May, in the Supper Club.

Will & Toby's Taylor Square is a multi-million dollar revamp of the old Oxford Hotel, where the infamous and much loved Gilligan's once was. (Aaah, how I used to love the mudslide cocktail they did there, back in my podium dancing days.) The room's been completely decked out with incredible surroundings including a four-story gothic fairytale backdrop, a floating jade ceiling and 5 metre leather chesterfields for all to lounge upon. It's a decadent, brand new venue and it only just opened last week.

Super Massive is a love affair of funky dance-able grooves and synth-based pop rock, mutually shared by drummer / producer Abbott and Malina, a Sydney singer / performer who came to the project creatively invigorated by a year spent pulling beers in a London music venue, travelling in Spain & Mexico and studying performance in London and New York.

Teaming up in 2005, the duo spent a year musically exploring and writing before teaming with electric bass genius John D. Young (Chuck Berry, Marcia Hines, Vanda & Young and .. almost Prince – John turned him down), who brought a treasure trove of extra groove, sex and sweet bass licks to all the songs. Young talent Matt Campbell joined them on guitar.

Super Massive’s music is thrilling get-up-and-dance and sing-along-at-the-same-time rock. A heady brew of tasty playing and exhilarating grooves, with plenty of variety in the songs and sounds. It reveals it’s roots here and there, with flashes of 70s rock, glam rock, cock rock, 80s electro and irresistible disco, yet without ever sounding purely retro. It’s a dark pink sunset. It’s a bonfire on the beach. It’s an intimate moment on a laserbeam shot dancefloor. It’s fresh as a snowflake and as black as your soul.

The band has been in the studio recording for some months, and is looking to release something later in the year. Whilst performing a recent opening slot at the Bridge Hotel in aid of a friend’s album launch, Super Massive impressed one of the bookers of the new Will & Toby’s Taylor Square. After catching only two songs of their set, the band were asked to headline The Supper Club at Will & Toby’s Taylor Square on Friday 18th May. This is a great chance to sneak preview the new tunes, and check out / support an exciting new venue while you’re at it. For more information go to:

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