NaVloPoMo 13 - day # 13 NZ - Coromandel drive

NaVloPoMo 13 - day # 13 NZ - Coromandel drive = source file = blog post

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whilst I seem to have a fast net connection I thought I'd upload this one. it was taken earlier this year, I forget the date - sometime between feb-june I'd say. I was in Auckland, New Zealand. a couple of guys from work came on a driving trip and I wasn't driving so took the opportunity to take some video. it's a little bumpy and I haven't edited it, but Coromandel is such a beautiful part of the world I wanted to keep it as is. it's sooo laid back there. we found a nice little gallery / store and it turns out the girl who owns it was originally from Brisbane. Australians.. what can I say.. they get around and find the good spots!! :)

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