where music meets in brisbane

wheremusicmeets Electro-luscious
5pm Sun 08 August 2004
the loft, QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Musk Ave., Kelvin Grove, Brisbane
$7/ $5 concession
more info: http://www.explodingart.com/wheremusicmeets
contact: wheremusicmeets@yahoo.com.au

wheremusicmeets is a new hybrid arts event in Brisbane that brings together
music and sound with other art forms and ideas.

This month's gig features...Julius Ambroisine and Aaron Hull

Julius Ambroisine and Aaron Hull have been engaged in electro acoustic music performance since 1997. Living in Sydney NSW their work has been presented on regional and international radio stations. In December 2002 Aaron and Julius established the performance night 1.4 Inch in Sydney.

Julius Ambroisine exploits inherent flaws in audio technology and seeks to exaggerate the glitch. Aaron Hull reinterprets environmental sound recordings of urban and natural landscapes. Both artists utilise Digital Signal Processing to manipulate and recontextualise prepared audio files and live instruments.

plus... RoMaN NuMeRaLs

Chelsea Charlton drums
Kahl Monticone guitar
Victor Roberts bass

new instrumental / improvised music

utilizing drums, electric guitar and electric bass with various effects pedals and implements, the trio deals with improvised music as a specific form of composition. creating spontaneous balance and variation amongst a diverse array of compositional elements including: dynamics, tempo, phrasing, range, texture, tone, space, silence, counterpoint and form.

RoMaN NuMeRaLs adopts a full compass of playing techniques. the resulting sounds, textures, patterns and harmonies are at once diverse and complimentary. consistently they churns it out from the gut with conviction, commitment, animation, humour and as much love as possible.

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