VROOM - venues across Australia for touring bands

The VROOM website is a growing online database of Australian Venues available for touring bands to search and use. Both metropolitan cities and rural towns' venues are available. visit http://www.vroom.net.au for more details

from the VROOM About Us page :
# The following information is available about all venues; technical and production specifications, music genre preferred (and on which night), licensing arrangements, capacity, noise restrictions, accommodation, booking contact details etc
# The types of venues listed will include licensed and unlicensed venues (i.e. bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs, universities community centres, ovals, PCYCs, and entertainment centres) and cover all genres of original contemporary music
# The guide will be searchable through region, town and large selected areas, from maps provided on the site. For example, if a band was touring from Sydney to Byron Bay they could do a search for all venues that could accommodate their genre and capacity between the two cities

-- via @SocialChangeRap