Voices from the Waters film festival(India) call for submissions

Voices from the Waters
A Film Festival

Call for Entries

Bangalore Film Society and Water Journeys, in collaboration with the
Alliance Francaise, Bangalore (India) and with the support of the
Federation of Film Societies of India are organising an international
film festival on water titled, 'Voices from the Waters'. The Film
festival will take place from April 13 - 16, 2005 at the Alliance
Francaise, Bangalore.

Bangalore Film Society
" In each image one must know who is speaking ...
our task is to discover images and sounds which are free..."
Bangalore Film Society is a forum of individuals committed to
evolving a new perspective for film appreciation-an attempt that
seeks to transcend the popular conceptions of cinematic entertainment
from neutral, value free flights into the realms of the fantastic and
the illusory to that of a purposeful voyage into terrains of the real
and immediate concerns of human experience.

In its 27 years of active involvement, Bangalore Film Society has
been instrumental in screening films of internationally acclaimed
film directors from all over the world, initiating a process of
intercultural dialogue and creating avenues for divergent aesthetic

The basic objective of the Society is to familiarise and generate
awareness among the public about the contemporary socio-political and
cultural issues, which informs artistic expressions. The Society
attempts to promote an aesthetic, which affirms human values,
multi-culturalism and plurality.

Water Journeys
Campaign for the Fundamental Right to Water
" May the rain continue to dampen the land,
May the wet forests continue to grow."

It is a conglomerate of several groups and organizations from South
Asia who are deeply concerned about the increasing scarcity and
commodification of water.

Water, the source of life, today, has been deviously packaged into a
commodity, creating a paucity of water and causing severe trauma to
various peoples all over the world. The shortage of drinking water
both in urban and rural areas has escalated to an acute level in the
last five years, specially heightened by drought and war. This will
have serious repercussions for the peoples of the world and the

One of the objectives of Water Journeys is to screen films on water
issues, water struggles, water conservation and related issues in
schools, colleges and communities to start a dialogue on the issue of
control and use of water. It aims at networking with agencies
involved in the protection and preservation of lakes, rivers and
other water bodies.

Further Water Journeys will soon start an international journal on
water issues. It will address the socio-political and cultural
implications of water, making it an interesting and enlightening
knowledge source for action.

While both Bangalore Film Society and Water Journeys are autonomous
bodies, they are under the auspices of Society for Informal Education
and Development Studies (SIEDS), Bangalore, India. SIEDS is a
thirty-year-old organization that critiques the contemporary
development paradigm which has created pockets of plenty and abysmal
poverty across the globe. The homocentric development paradigm treats
the earth as a commodity, which will have catastrophic effects on
nature and the environment. We are already victims of such an
approach. SIEDS in its involvement with present socio-political and
cultural issues concerning women, tribals, Dalits, environment, media
and so on, attempts a nature-centric vision and sustainable

The film festival on water will concentrate on subjects such as water
scarcity, its conservation and positive steps for action towards the
preservation of the same. The festival will hold discussions on water
and related issues. The festival hopes to create awareness on culture
specific water conservation. Simultaneously, there will be an
exhibition on water that will sensitise and inspire the audience,
particularly the youth.

This international film festival is the first of its kind in India.
We invite you to be part of this event by contributing short,
documentary and feature films (DVD/VCD formats) with English
subtitles on water and related issues. Further, we would appreciate a
preview copy of any films you would wish to send so that we may place
them in one of the five categories of the festival, namely Water
Scarcity, Narmada Valley Struggle, Water Harvesting, Water and
Spirituality and Water Struggles. We would duly acknowledge your

We would appreciate contact details, email and website details.
Should you need more information about us, please do get in touch
with us.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Anupama Jayaraman
Co ordinator
Water Journeys

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