VloMo08 - Videoblogging Month 2008

VloMo08 - Videoblogging Month 2008 has started now that November is here. People from around the world are posting videos on the VloMo08 site

my first post this month is the Strawberry Fields Strawberry looking for lost clubs in the Valley video - it was filmed in Brisbane whilst I was on holidays there on 09/10/2008, but I think it's a nice way to start VloMo08.


a quick spur of the moment video since there was a strawberry in the Valley. it made an appearance at the Reunion party with Vision Four 5

this is perhaps one of those "you had to be there" moments / videos - but I'm working on an archive project documenting the early dance parties and community in Brisbane, and this strawberry is from one of the early outdoor parties in 1996 - Strawberry Fields 3. the first two were held a couple of years earlier at a strawberry farm between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. since then, most of the original clubs from late 80s -> mid 90s have closed down, so when Frankie brought his strawberry into the valley for dinner and to give to the promoter of a Reunion party, I thought it was a great opportunity to film him & the strawberry looking for the old clubs - some of which are now furniture stores, indie music clubs etc.

song = Mr Monday "Future" (original mix)(1990)

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