VloMo08 : day19 - taxi drive to work

this is the drive to work in a local taxi. I should have kept the camera running as he overcharged me and wanted me to use him every day to & from work. the drivers always ask this. they ask how long you're here for then tell me they'll give me their number so I can call them. the previous 2 nights it's cost Rs50 to drive home - in peak hour traffic in a local taxi. this ride cost me Rs250. but I got a handwritten receipt from him. I forgot to ask / check that the meter was running. usually if the driver doesn't try to rip me off I give them more money, just for being nice. I shouldn't complain too much, Rs50 is about $1.50 and $250 is $7.75 so both are very cheap, it's just the multiplication factor - this morning's taxi driver was 5 times as expensive!

one thing I've noticed whilst driving to work is that there's a particular couple of blocks where the Muslim people gather. the women wear the full head scarves and are covered head to toe in black. but the fabric is much lighter than in Israel - it's a black saree with light-weight sheer black fabric over the face. the hotel inner curtains are made of the same fabric but I can't remember the name of it. it's very soft. these sarees look great. I'd love to get a closeup photo of them but I wouldn't ask anyone. I think their sarees are much nicer than the other colourful sarees I've seen. maybe I can buy one of these if I find where they get them - I think they must be expensive as they're so beautiful. there's a couple of women wearing them in the video but you can't see the detail.


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VloMo08 : day19 - taxi drive to work from kath on Vimeo.

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