TKCB - Its Not a Drug, It's a Lightshow

TKCB - Its Not a Drug, It's a Light Show

Travelling KaleidoscopiK Candle Bonanza, or Damo as he is known by his friends has being hiding behind the scenes in Brisbane for longer than most of us have being listening. Specializing in light as an artistic medium, Damo started out by doing "cans" and "spots" for some of Brisbane's more rock and punk orientated bands before moving into rave and dance culture. Responsible for many shows at some of Brisbane's earliest "old school" parties, he programmed lights and rigged bank upon bank of strobe and other rave orientated effects at parties such as NASA, Creation, Adrenalin and Black Out at venues such as The Site, B.E.C (Nasa/Adrenalin) and The Roxy.

Damo's passion as a lighting designer quickly saw him push his experiments into the outdoor enviroment, taking advantage of the natural flora and fauna as lighting subjects in an endless search for the perfect "solar" trip. He quickly became associated with other designers such as "Squiffy Vision" and had integral involvement in many of Byron Bay's "Golden Age" events such as "Beyond the Brain." At the same time, TKCB has being working continually in the corporate AV industry for companies such as Skypak and All Access. This has given him access to an intense array of technologically advanced equipment, as well as the on-hand hours to learn how to use it. His resume includes an astonishing array of events such as Valley Fiesta (2002), Summer Dreaming, Syncron, Woodford Folk Festival (2002), CHOGM, Exodus, Stage X and Dragonflight, not to mention work on the recent Livid Festival, as well as many, many, many other parties.

Damo's thirst for collaborative energies is what pushes him to work on Orphic. His day to day activities are often clientele based and include activities such as programming light shows for product launches and media fares. Damo describes this work as "educational for the first five seconds" and consequently spends most of his spare time programming more full on sequences for his beloved dance parties and doofs.

In recent years, TKCB has worked almost exclusively on the larger festival circuits. He production managed "Jungle Arbour" at last years Woodford Folk Festival and was responsible for many a quick fix at this years Livid Festival after being put in charge of ensuring smooth sailing for all video/visual requirements. Many an outdoor go'er will splutter out stories of sheer amazement after seeing his vision at work within the Summer Dreaming festival and locals certainly note the year 2002 Valley Fiesta as a show to remember.

In the future, Damo plans to take his art form further by collaborating with performance and other such energy in an effort to portray what he describes as "the full picture." He is intent on reaching moments of syncronicity by working alongside and not against at some of the biggest events in Australia. In closing, he briefly mumbles something about Switzerland and the reflective properties of ice, forcing me to wonder just how far this intrinsic lighting designer may go.

As far as light can reach me thinks.

Travelling KaleidoscopiK Candle Bonanza joins Retina Scan Project, PiRate, ZyeroniK and many other installation artists alongside Andrew Till, DisKo Pussy, Rip Van Hippy, D Ko, FSElf and many more on Saturday November 1st at Souths RLFC (The Winery)