Synth/Dance Rock::: Super Massive @ The Bridge, Rozelle + The Annandale Hotel

Candy lips, gyrating hips and lots of beautiful rock/pop music - Two SUPER MASSIVE shows this month.

This is our live show alert. We have two shows this month. They're both supports, but they are special gigs nonetheless, as we are good mates with members of the headline bands for both of these shows, so we're looking forward to a good vibe and having some FUN.

Saturday 21st April - The Bridge Hotel, Rozelle - CD Launch for Daddy Frisco

Saturday 21st April our friend Chris Feegs has asked us to open up for his band Daddy Frisco at The Bridge Hotel, Rozelle, to help them celebrate the launch of their new EP “Beautiful”, which will be out on Waterfront Records. We're on early – 8:30pm – and looking forward to lending our support to the guys. Champagne Shoes (that enthralling, satirical, musical lovechild of 3K & Vash) is the main support act, for those who enjoyed seeing their hilarious music & theatrics brought to life at the Hopetoun at our last show there, and would like another dose. There’s also an after-destination, tbc on the night, where Glenn (from Super Massive) will be doing a drummer vs dj slot, for those who want to carry on from rockland into clubland once the party starts to wind down at The Bridge.

Sunday 29th April - Annandale Hotel - 3 x Rock/Synth bands with Female Vocalists.

Then on the following Sunday, the 29th April, we’re very proud & excited to say we’ve been invited to join a bill of rock bands fronted by female vocalists. The night was put together by Coke Live’n’Local winners Krill, who have become wonderful friends of ours since the first time we played together, and are dedicated fellow arbiters of the synth-rock genre. There are four girls in their band actually, but, agreeably their music is every bit as much ear-candy as their gorgeous selves are eye-candy : ) Some of you would have seen them at our Spectrum show, fresh from a tour of Germany and the east coast.

Sunday’s show is at The Annandale Hotel, and it starts EARLY, being a Sunday. 6pm doors open, and it’s all over by 9:45pm, well early enough for everyone to enjoy the show and still be home and tucked into bed at a very reasonable hour. The Dirty Arrows are opening up. Check ‘em all out! We’re looking forward to this show!! Stick it in your calendar, in your diary or write it on your palm or whatever and spread the word! ‘cause it’s a bloody big room to fill and the more people we can get along, the more likely we all are to get laid, or to get Glenn and/or Yashi to do the robot. Ha ha! We're on main support so we can stick around and chat afterwards - new Myspace Friends, please come up and say hello! Krill are putting up a lucky door prize and there will be other giveaways on the night. Possibly a ceramic hair-straightener, we’ve been told. We think it’s pink, but there'll be no discriminating since we all know how sexy guys look with the smouldering Italian Vogue, sex-rocker, tarzan-locks look. (It’s a look Glenn manages every day when he rolls out of bed. He was just born rock&roll.) Might mention also there’s a very good thai restaurant there at the back of the Annandale, if you’re as lazy as we are about cooking on a Sunday night. We recommend it with gusto. Not sure about the Beerzooka, although it does need to be seen.. If we drank one I think you’d see our bazookas.

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