site undergoing upgrades is being upgraded this week. some links won't work until the upgrade is complete as I've disabled some modules. the 'look & feel' of the site is currently using a default template which will also be upgraded. the RSS / XML feeds should still be working. thanks for your patience

11/02/2008 - the site is now running drupal 5.0. tomorrow night I'll upgrade to the most recent drupal 5. some of the modules have been reinstalled but you may see some errors until the upgrade is complete.

19/02/2008 - the site is now running drupal 5.1. only a few patches to go ...

14/03/2008 - the site is now running drupal 5.7

15/03/2008 - the site is now running drupal 6.1
there seems to be an issue with page caching in firefox on windows (to reload the page - press Ctrl -Shift-Delete or Tools menu - clear private data, then reload the page)
IE on windows seems ok
also posting articles from a mac seems broken! :(
it seems to be working now. (mac problem was a problem with my net connection at the flat I was staying at)

12/05/2008 - upgraded to drupal 6.2

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