* is a non-profit organization aimed at providing the 'electronic art scene' with a forum for communication and for sharing their work.

We provide ftp and web space for groups and individuals who apply for them and whose applications are accepted. If the application is not approved on the first try, we encourage people to try applying again in the future. Meet other sceners on our IRC network ( or on the forums. The site is maintained by a voluntary team of around 15 members contributing from around the world.

"A demo is a program that displays a sound, music, and light show, usually in 3D. Demos are very fun to watch, because they seemingly do things that aren't possible on the machine they were programmed on." - Trixter's PC Demos Explained. cannot be explained in just a few words. On one hand it is the central source for the demoscene community but on the other hand it is an online digital community, consisting of several talented individuals across the world with the desire of creating something for the scene.

To be honest, is not just for the scene, it is for everyone who is interested in this sub-culture. Some might consider just as a service, and while it is part that, for us it is an ambition.

And of course this all would not be possible without the volunteers in the staff and our sponsors.

* The mission *

At it's heart is all about the demoscene. We have the latest productions and the fastest ftp and we offer webspace for FREE, the only thing we want is that you put the free space in to best use possible and not just for "Not Yet Finished" graphics. It's a bold statement from us, especially as has taken so long to become something else than just storage space, which certainly IS important for the scene's productions. was always envisioned as a scene information source, an ftp site mixed with web-based content.

We simply cannot give out accounts to all groups/individuals who request them, we do our best to go through the applications as quickly as possible. runs on "custom" hardware that we have put together with the help of contributions from our sponsors and staff. We offer free web accounts and services, so naturally we have to be selective when it comes to granting these accounts. However if you don't get an account, that doesn't mean you cannot enjoy There is still the latest files to download, news to check out and files to upload.

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