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Revolution:USA - A word from NomIg. - artists and webmasters of the MUTEK website

Developed by Coldcut and NomIg., Revolution:USA is an online, multimedia political art project created as a way to gather together artists around the world who have something to say about the state of American politics. It is intended to act as a catalyst for both audiovisual art and the development of public awareness surrounding politics and their effect on our lives. There is a large amount of art devoted to this topic and we are creating a project which will serve as a portal, resource and means of dissemination for such art.

Using samples of the last 40 years of American presidents and media figures, we are creating a website to act as an online Archive of Political Corruption and Scandals. In essence this will be a digital library de[t/r]ailing the blatant corruption of the US political landscape in order to evoke social change through audience participation. We are inviting as many politically-conscious Internet denizens as possible to access the site, download the materials and create cut-up a/v tracks and documentaries using the footage, the audio clips and whatever else you can get your hands on. All works will then be hosted on the site and made available as streaming media for the world to watch.

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