Open Source Cinema

Open Source Cinema is a film project dedicated to creating movies in ways inspired by the free software and free culture movements. The goal is for filmmakers to be able to collaboratively create film works, via Internet, using shared footage from a variety of sources. Open Source Cinema also encourages the free sharing of film works through peer to peer networks and other alternatives to mainstream distribution, such as Creative Commons licenses.

What is this space for? is currently designed as a forum for discussion of technical and aesthetic models to make this project a reality. It will eventually be a focal point for the production of the open-source film Basement Tapes, a documentary film exploring online music, free culture, and copyright. It also houses a discussion forum, links to external sites, and information on films that are adopting the open-source model. But mostly, this is a space for collaboration! What is needed NOW is for filmmakers interested in new methods of global collaboration, distribution and production to abandon proprietary thinking, and instead share their vision for a truly digital cinema.