Now the Movie

NOW! is a unique, international collaborative film project.

The project aims to create a powerful and inspiring snapshot view of the world today, as seen through the eyes of a global network of film-makers: YOU! If you'd like to take part in making cinematic history please read on!

You and NOW!

YOU, the global network of filmmakers, will decide on the content: the footage for NOW! will filmed by you, and sent to the NOW! team for more about this

Collaborative Cinema

Early cinematographic pioneers dreamt of global film networks that would exchange footage to create an international language of cinema: today digital cameras and the Internet are making this possible. NOW! aims to be a milestone in creating a new cinema; open, collaborative, speaking to a global audience. Our time is NOW! more about this

Sustainable Development and Shared Value

NOW! is about the exploration of life on earth, specially our interdependence; the challenge of sustainable development; and the communication of 'real' or 'shared' value: from the many world views the film-makers will bring, the editors of NOW! will try to draw out the common ground of what is most valuable and sacred to more about this

Audio-Visual Collage - a 21st century genre

NOW! takes its inspiration from cinema classics like