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Thanks for your contributions - it helps to spread the load as I don't often get as many articles posted as I would like to.

One of the aims of the site is to store some of the ephermeral information from this period of time in relation to Australian arts and electronic music & hip hop projects & artists. another aim is to list some of the amazingly creative music & arts artists in this community. even if in just a small way. your posts help this goal as well as being an extra outlet for promotion to people who might be interested in supporting your work and projects.

The site is being archived by the National Australia Library PANDORA project. It is one snapshot of events, projects, artists etc of this period of time. Who knows who might come across your article / promo in the future whilst searching for Australian music & arts projects & artists from the early part of this century. Archive.org has also captured older versions of the site on the wayback machine (along with most internet sites!).

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