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my friend john (foaf) converted a warehouse into a performance / event space called Lightspace in Brisbane. it looks so beautiful. he's done so well! I've always wanted to do that. am so jealous! oh the performances he's going to have there. studios upstairs too & coffee. I'd add music & book library. in fact I'd prob just move in upstairs and live there too. might be a bit noisy when the gigs are on though. anyone got a spare couple of mill? & I'd add a little private cinema / projection space - like third-ear in jerusalem (they're upstairs in a dvd store) but other than that it'd look like lightspace. perfect. maybe less glam as I have no $ ;) I have notebooks full of little drawings of a space and the things it'd have. one day maybe... I hope he does well with it - he deserves it. good luck! so if anyone needs a nice space for an event in Bris, let him know..

here's the blurb from the lightspace website's about page :

Lightspace is a new event, education and exhibition venue located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Hatched from a converted warehouse its features include lofty warehouse spaces, rustic industrial chic and an outdoor terrace with views across the city skyline.

Lightspace provides the ideal blank canvas for functions, events, product launches, fashion parades, exhibitions, photo shoots, video clips, weddings, parties, anything you can imagine…

Lightspace Studios offer open–plan office space with flexible, affordable tenancies – ideally suited to small creative industry businesses. The lofty, edgy interior design provides a range of personal and communal spaces. Converted shipping containers have become the shell for the shared meeting room, bathrooms, shower and kitchen. A roof terrace delivers sweeping views of the city and Valley. Tenants have access to all facilities. If you’re in Brisbane, creative and looking for cool warehouse space then send us a message…

Contact Lightspace:
enquiries @ (remove spaces)
30 Light Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane