Govt. to impose 3am club lockout in Brisbane - online petition

The QLD government is proposing an ammendment to the Liquor Licencing laws which means club/bar patrons will not be permitted to enter the premises after 3am. An online petition has been setup (by the govt) for opposition to the ammendment to be recorded. It states, "Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House our objection to any amendment to the Liquor Act 1992 which would impose a lockout on entertainment venues preventing entry by patrons to the premises after 3 am. Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to reject the proposed amendments to enable all interested parties to come up with a fair and equitable approach to issues (if any) associated with late night entertainment in Queensland's licensed premises."

QLD residents, please sign the petition at and have your say! Signatures close 14/04/05. Read more for good arguments put forward by the Fusing Brisbane crew.

3am Lock-out? No way! Help BLOCK OUT THE LOCK OUT by stopping Premier Beattie taking away our right to party!

You've heard it on the news, you've heard it in the papers, Queensland's Premier Beattie, as part of a 17-point Brisbane City Safety Action Plan, wants to introduce a 3am lock-out for all clubs and pubs within the Brisbane City area. The Liquor Act will be amended to prevent patrons from entering a venue after 3am.

VEPAC (Valley Entertainment Precinct Action Committee) has already put in place the necessary reforms to achieve a far better outcome than the proposed lock-out.

If you have worked in the industry, service the industry, or just love enjoying this industry you would understand that there are many downsides to the proposed lockout.

Job losses resulting from decreased trade

Increased danger to people, in particular women, who are prevented from entering licensed premises for their own safety after 3am (eg: A young woman inadvertently goes outside, maybe to have something to eat, only to discover on her return at the door of the venue that it is now past 3am and she cannot get back in. All of her friends are still inside and she is left outside on her own, forced to wait in an ever-growing taxi line)

Having to use public toilets when you cant get into a venue to use one

Taxi rank lines becoming larger than they already are

Waiting in a queue to get into a club, getting to the front a few minutes past 3am and not being allowed in

Your right to visit different acts at various venues is limited to your last stop at 3am

The option to go out late will no longer be there

Once smoking laws are in place, you will not be able to come back into a venue after going outside for a cigarette

Hospitality staff don't have the option to have after work drinks if their shift finishes at 3am or after

Your right to move between venues at any given time has been taken away

Lockouts are a restriction of pre-agreed trading terms when a venue is given a licence to trade. It not only hurts venue operators, but it hurts the venue staff, the security, companies that service these venues, and most importantly, our patrons.

Help us keep the culture and buzz alive within Brisbane nightlife. Click on the link below and sign this petition.

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