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Electundra 2005 - Audio/Visual Festival - Melbourne

It's the Electundra second birthday and we want to welcome you to the underground alternative.

Electundra 2005 is an excursion through sound and image that draws from the avant garde through garage easthetics to tech-head explorations in new technology and all the while keeping you entertained, questioning and above all exhilarated.

All the artists in Electundra, no matter how diverse their vision, have one thing in common; and that is that their work is far from common.

So get ready for a four night feast of unique sounds and visuals inspired by investigations that are left of centre, beneath the manhole covers, behind the curtain and so far out of the square that the shape has gone all fuzzy,
buzzy, blippy and bassy and with just a little with cheesy topping to keep you warm as well...

What is Electundra?

The Electundra festival was conceived as a collaboration between a proud musician Kent Macpherson and independent project space LOOP, both parties were determined to spotlight the most challenging and new audio visual performance from Melbourne's underground roots. Their vision was to gather together a disparate clan of performers based in Melbourne, Australia to perform over a number of nights. What materialised was an interesting, unusual but never dull collection of performances ranging from manipulated/processed pure noise through to angular and rhythmic post rock. The idea was to expose the belly of the avant garde and experimental music and visuals being made by a cross section of Melbourne artists.

Now in 2005 the festival has quadrupled in size with 21 acts and 4 guest DJs appearing over 4 nights. The whole experience eminating from a narrow laneway in the city,
at a venue called simply Loop.

We have brought together an inspired cross section of visual and musical treats. From Doktorb Robotnick vs dpwolf's grinding soundscapes thru to "Spac's" swamp jazz, then a journey down the "Ang Fang Quartet's" highway of brass, bass and crashing tension' all this is interspersed with ambient click dub from acts like "Burning Giraffe" to the slightly electro bouncy melodies of "Random acts of Elevator Music". The spoken word guitar swamped sonic painting from "of, or pertaining to..." and the gently fractured balladry of "Isnod" and "Phoenix Lake".

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