electrofringe 2006 - max msp workshop - video patch

one of the workshops we did at electrofringe 2006 was on max / msp with Bruce Mowson

our group made a simple max patch which rotated through a few video clips we recorded of people who were in the workshop. we had limited time which is why we chose something simple - so we had a chance of completing it! we'd asked them to say something about the electrofringe / this is not art festival. the patch was basically a random video player. we only had an hour to make it. we had to show Bruce the following day. our patch worked and we were one of two groups (well our group + 1 person from another group) who turned up the next day to demonstrate the finished patch

here's a photo of the attached patch - version 2

Mark's patch worked too - his is much more advanced! it's an identity bank ATM machine
Mark is from Chailight Productions - he lives in Melbourne now, but used to live in Brisbane and run the Spin'n'Jam nights, amongst other things such as some of the outdoor parties

one of the slides in Bruce's talk. I tried the url in the photo but it's a dead link now - granted it is 2 years later ;) no luck finding it on the wayback machine either :(

This is Not Art festival, Newcastle, Australia.
Electrofringe workshops.
Saturday 30/09/2006


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