Can A Sista Rock A Mic? festival

can a sista rock a film? which is part of a week long music festival called can a sista rock a mic? has extended it's submission for shorts & films... Mini dv perfer, but will convert dvds to dvcam for broadcast. Your project will air on Comcast Channels 5 & 6 and Starpower Channels 10 & 11 in Washington, DC. during the month of June(every Thursday) while the week long festivals is happening and after. So get your works in!This is a great chance to have your project broadcast on cable television. No submission fees at all. It's free.

More details on the whole "Can A Sista Rock A Mic? week long festival next week at

J,Quest- for B-Girl Manifesto

Can A Sista Rock A Mic?
P.O. Box 727
Glenn Dale, MD 20769

Big ups to Kimani Anku for putting this in place and shouts to Tish Atkins from V.I.P. Entertainment for taking on this project as well. It will happen!

Hey, the Brothers Can Rock Too?... Look for details coming soon