Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen

Hunter's new charity cd is available today "Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen". 100% of the money goes to CanTeen to help kids with cancer. he would have loved to have seen it released, I'm sure. I hope you can all support it. the lineup is great too, so you'll get a double cd of great music from some of Australia's best hip hop artists - it's so great to see everyone in the hip hop community pulling together to help Hunter and others with cancer.

& remember his msg: "As I depart this world with a song in my heart, I just want to say, Love each other! Love will make you happy, Love is the answer to all your questions - I got mad Love!" --HUNTER SBX.

I found the cd @ & I'm sure there's prob lots of other places too, check your fav indie music spot

the album is also available for download on itunes @ (or search "Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen") is the project / CD's website for more details

from the BTE page:

100% profits from sales go to CanTeen

A Message from Hunts:

I started this project with the best intentions! put together a collection of songs, press up some discs, sell them, give money to charity, that being CanTeen. Easy!, and fun too! turned out not to be so easy, but still heaps of Fun!

I was diagnosed with Nueroendocrine cancer in November 2009, and at the time was about 3/4 through making the album 'Monster House' with DJ Vame. Upon diagnosis, they told me it was inoperable, and that they couldn't cure me. This of course changed my life.

I finished the album with Vame, and we went on tour, and it was while sitting in a motel room that Vame suggested I used my contacts within Australia's Hip Hop scene to make a compilation album for charity, the idea was born then, and upon completing tour, I got on the case!

I contacted all my friends, and told em what I was up to, and most were all to happy to help. I have to mention though, that due to contractual agreements, and timing issues, some were unable to provide a song, but there well wishes were gladly received!

Over the journey, I got progressively sicker, and the project would have sunk if it hadn't been for the tireless efforts of Rachel P, Porsah Laine and Dazastah, who more than picked up the slack, actually got the job done!

I also got to thank Tracy V and all the crew in Karratha, Paul Salter, Mad shout outs to everyone on the album, all the crew, Rachel, Daz, Porsah Laine, Deej, Tracy and Paul. As I depart this world with a song in my heart, I just want to say, Love each other! Love will make you happy, Love is the answer to all your questions… I got mad Love!


1. Roll - Dazastah & Porsah Laine
2. Head High - Koolism
3. Handmade - Hilltop Hoods
4. My Life - Hunter & Andrew Mack
5. Colours - Elefant Traks All Stars (Hermitude, Solo, The Tongue, Ozi Batla & Urthboy)
6. Diagnosis - The Master
7. Hold it Down - Krisdafari
8. Acid Spitting Mongolian Deathworm - Cartoon Hell
9. V for Vendetta - Newsense
10. Huey R - Complete & Sever
11. Self Destruct - LSD & the Missus
12. City of Grime - Chase
13. Oh Lord - Mortar
14. So this is Vandalism - Aftershock (feat. Intelekt, Smiley & Verdikt)
15. Imagine - Smiley (feat. The Long March)
16. Feel at Home - Kadyelle, Thorts, Hunter & Porsah Laine

1. Love Times Pie Recurring.. - Layla
2. When We Were Kids - Hunter, Dazastah & Drapht
3. In love With the Music - Bias B
4. Nothing to Lose - Optamus, Shabaz & Dazastah (Downsyde)
5. Everybreath (Newsense Remix) - Ciecmate
6. Beast - G Force
7. Up and Downs Bitter Belief, Hunter & Creed Birch
8. 2 Troo Vocalists Slackjaw & Skank One
9. The Show Must Go On - Rip Snorta Raw
10. Hard times - BRB
11. Why Would I Say I Am - Reason (feat. Axxin the Supernova)
12. Which Way - Defyre
13. Knowin Where You're Goin - Graphic
14. All About the Life - Brethren (feat. BRB)
15. Words - Selekt Few
16. Get Yours - Money Kat

100% profits from sales go to CanTeen
Executive Producers: Hunter & Dazastah
This Compilation © SBX For Charity