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I wanted to gather together URLs for purchase etc. of my work available
online. This is probably incomplete, but for those who are interested,
is probably useful. Note that Printed Matter carries a number of things.
I definitely recommend the books - VEL, The Wayward, Sophia, .echo.
are days I wish I was a store. Those are the days I could still wish.
- Alan


Current Books, CDs, DVDs, etc.:

by Alan Sondheim
Based on Virtual Environment work, an intense selection of recent texts
on motion capture, avatars, online experience, and language. A must!

by Alan Sondheim
Alan Sondheim's new ebook, .echo, takes you on a fascinating journey
Nikuko Meat-Girl into the language of avatars, transliterate lovemaking
and virtual subjectivity. While interacting with Sondheim's ebook of
mystical eroticism, the reader will lose themselves in a net.fiction
charged with sex, obsession, codework and real bodies pushed to the
A provocative theory-world presented in the guise of experimental
narrative, .echo takes the reader on a high-speed, yet zen-like trip
through a hallucinatory landscape that one can imagine used to be the
world. There's never been anything like this book as it confounds the
relationship between America and Japan, prosthetics and aesthetics,
visible words and invisible intelligences. Enter at your own risk!

Sondheim, Alan; Sophia, ISBN 1 84254 583 3; published July 2004,
reprinted November 2004
One of the author's rare texts of philosophy, an extended meditation on
world and worlding, written with a unique style and structure. Perhaps
best guide to reality ever written!

The Wayward
Salt Books
The Wayward is an exploration into virtual life and theory. It uses
from codework to traditional genre; much of its work is the result of
programming intended to create systems of circulating texts. Think of
Wayward as a poetics of the imaginary, stumbling over the grounds of the
real - constantly questioning linguistic referents and 'meaning in
general.' The work is a ground-breaking exploration of the roots and
structures of online and offline life, in which language simultaneously
explodes and implodes. Conversations among 'emanents' dominate
inconceivable landscapes; sexualities are constructed and deconstructed.
There's not another work like it.

Being On Line, Net Subjectivity
Edited by Alan Sondheim 1996-7.
Note: This may or may not be available at this time.
Being on Line is an historic exploration of the theory and practice of
virtual identity as well as its effects. Unlike many recent books on the
Internet, it focuses both on the promises of the technology and the
content being developed by users of this form of exchange. Among the
thirty-two authors are Angela Hunter, Ellen Zweig, and Nesta Stubbs; net
feminist Doctress Neutopia; anthropologist Roger Bartra; and theorists
Friedrich Kittler, Slavoj Zizek, Mark Poster and Gregory Ulmer. Artists
include Mike Metz, Alice Aycock, Peter Halley.
208 pages, with 16 pages of color and 192 illustrated pages in black and
white. In English and Korean. ISBN 1-882791-04-5 Paperback 7 x 91/2 in.,
208 pages, 16 color. $15.00 U.S.
Can probably be ordered from:
D.A.P/ Distributed Art Publishers
155 Sixth Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, N.Y. 10013-1507
or call toll-free 1-800-338-BOOK

The Case of the Real
Potes and Poets Press, 1998 (2 chapbooks)
Note: Most probably available.
Volume One 44 pages ISBN 0-937013-90-9
1998 $7.00 New Chapbook Series #15
Volume Two 41 pages ISBN 0-937013-91-9
1998 $7.00 New Chapbook Series #16
2 Volume Set for $13
Potes & Poets publications are available from:
Small Press Distribution
1341 Seventh St.
Berkeley, CA 94710

T'Other Little Tune (CD)
re-recording of vinyl lp
Catalog #: ESPCD 1082

Ritual-all-7-70 (CD)
re-recording of vinyl lp
Catalog #: ESPCD 1048

The following are available through Printed Matter:

DVD+ - for computer playback only
Alan Sondheim
Tremendous collection of current work!
New York, NY: A. Sondheim. 2005 $25.00

Forlorn Matter
Alan Sondheim
Self-published text (a second version appeared in the anthology
Unnatural Bodies). $8.00

Archive 3.7 CDrom
Alan Sondheim
Brooklyn, NY: Sondheim. 2001
Archive 3, 7, previously Sub/Con/Text, is a complete collection of the
artist's work. It includes several web suites, over 5000 pages of text,
500 images, numerous videos and sound works, computer programs, and all
sorts of additional materials. There are several book-length
a number of articles, and the full Internet Text, described as a
"continuous meditation on philosophy, language, and virtual
The cdrom will open in Mac or PC; only the web suites might be a problem
in Mac, although all materials are completely accessible through the
directories. (Please note: This is somewhat superceded by Sampler, but
an excellent snapshot of work 1995-2001.) $14.00

New Observations. No. 120 (Winter 1999) Cultures of Cyberspace
Alan Sondheim, editor New York, NY: New Observations Ltd.. 1999 Begun in
the early Eighties, this artist-run periodical features a wide range of
visual art, artists projects, essays, poetry, and fiction; each issue is
guest-edited and devoted to a specific cultural theme. Editor Alan
Sondheim collected texts about the Internet with images chosen as a
counterpoint -- "they reflect spaces and bodies that are effaced,
occluded, ghostlike." Contributors include: Laurie Cubbison, Alexanne
Jerry Everard, Amy Fletcher, Radhika Gajjala, Eve Andree Laramee, Nick
Mamatas, Jon Marshall, Caitlin Martin, Michael W. Spirito, John Suler,
Ryan Whyte, and others. Images by Robert Cheatham, Emily Cheng, Janieta
Eyer, Nancy Haynes, Hokusai, Ichi Ikeda, Fanny Jacobson, Eve Andree
Laramee, Kim McGlynn, Barbara Simcoe, David Smith, Tyler Stallings,
Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, and Thomas Zummer, among others. $6.00

Damaged Life
Denise de la Cerda, Alan Sondheim
Dallas, TX, 1986
This exploration of space, lines, and existence is realized through
electronics, tape recorders, keyboards, drum machines, mixers,
miscellaneous acoustic instruments, and an accompanying booklet of black
and white drawings of the artist recording these sounds.
Cassette. Damaged life was a post-industrial group whose recordings were
generally distributed on Spasm Cassettes, Austin. $7.00

Current active URLs:
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A few other titles:

Disorders of the Real
Station Hill, 1988. Note: This may not be available at this time.

Individuals: Post Movement Art in America
(anthology) New York: Dutton Books, 1977. Not available: check abe

The Structure of Reality
(Self published through Nova Scotia College of Art and Design), 1977.
Not available: check abe

NSCAD, 1972
Not available: check abe

Burning Deck Press, 1968
Experimental work, check abe


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