20240421 - a fly in a blockchain ecology / blockchain landscape

there's a community art event happening this week, called #objkt4objkt #objkt4objkt4. I made a code based API drawing of blockchain metadata to continue the series from previous events, then used it to map / project onto a fly mushroom I've been watching emerge / grow over the past couple of weeks.

the second work is a video piece, "a fly in a blockchain ecology / blockchain landscape"

the drawing shows the progression of the fly (mushroom) scanned from nature, being digitised then becoming part of the blockchain ecology / blockchain landscape. the final stage has blockchain metadata from the first API drawing mapped onto the 3d model, live mixed to a video. part of my specture project, exploring putting extinct species onto the blockchain, and what their new digital habitats / landscapes could look like

links: https://teia.art/objkt/850935 & https://teia.art/objkt/850683

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