20240404 - post-internet influences

Inspired by Gene McHugh's excellent Post Internet blog & writing project from 2009-2010, I'm attempting to write more often here. Deciding on which section has been the most difficult — the issue with too many sections / broad scope of interests. Specture is my overarching research and art making project, albeit with some sub-sections / topics along the way. McHugh didn't include links, he just wrote, and I can see the benefit of that — keeping the writing (& reading, if anyone is coming along!) in one place, the immanent view, rather than hyperlinking off to surf other pages, which often for me at least, interrupts my thought process and leads me down other places. A time and a place for both. I will add links here in an attempt to reference ideas/readings that I might discuss, but as with most things, it's a work in progress and subject to change. Not everything will be directly related to my specture project but it will be related in roundabout ways - when thinking of a project, all things lead back to it after all, and with it as my main focus, it becomes the anchor for reading / writing on other topics. Some posts will be rough notes (most, lets face it), others more well formed..

I do like McHugh's use of dates as post titles, may use that also, let's see...

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