week2 discussion - Indian Art

week 2 discussion - Indian Art

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VSW13 sculpture class finished

I've finished my contemporary sculpture class, VSW13. it was very interesting, though I had some setbacks at home during this class. results should be in within next couple of weeks. I feel I still have much to learn about sculpture and there were many things I would have liked to explore further, such as more installation, digital/online sculptures, sound sculptures and more molding and casting. I really enjoyed making molds and casts of fabric to try capture the folds, and to explore transforming the fabric from soft -> hard and temporary -> permanent. it fits well with my drawing/painting class on Saturdays. it was interesting to explore everyday materials as they were more accessible (& cheaper) in most cases

next up is VIS18 - an art history subject, so it's less hands-on making and more research & essay writing.

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"art of the western world" videos

useful for my upcoming art history class

"art of the western world" videos

Art of the Western World - Episode 1 from Open College of the Arts on Vimeo.

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