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the gnostic gospels - reading notes

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the gnostic gospels - reading notes


extracts :

Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels

( from pages xviii - xxi - Introduction )

By the time of the Emperor Constantine's conversion, when Christianity became an officially approved religion in the fourth century, Christian bishops, previously victimized by the police, now commanded them. Possession of books denounced as heretical was made a criminal offense. Copies of such books were burned and destroyed. But in Upper Egypt, someone, possibly a monk from a 19 nearby monastery of St. Pachomius, took the banned books and hid them from destruction‚Äö in the jar where they remained buried for almost 1,600 years.


gnosis - notes from Gnosis Now! readings and course

original gnosis now! article on this site

driving light letters

on the drive home from brisbane to sydney during my summer holidays I was playing with the delay settings on my camera. the lights from the cars looked like letters - maybe hebrew or aramaic - as they danced on the highway at dusk as we drove home


driving light letters from kath on Vimeo

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gnosis / knowledge / insight

Erik Davis is teaching another class at MLA called Gnosis Now! from February 23 - April 5 2009.

Gnosis Now! (from MLA course page)

Gnosticism is one of the most potent, complex, and misunderstood elements of western esoteric spirituality. Rooted in the apocalyptic era of early Christianity, gnostic mysticism animates hermeticism, alchemy, and magick, and has profoundly influenced modern pop culture as well (Philip K. Dick, The Matrix, even Scientology). Because gnosticism is rooted in direct experience of the divine, it remains open to many different interpretations; scholars bicker about it constantly. for more info on the course or read more for the reading list

This class proposes to study a few of the most accessible and transformative gnostic texts, both ancient and modern, and to bring their tricky wisdom to bear on the state of consciousness today. In addition to online discussion threads, the course will feature weekly podcasts from Erik Davis, a celebrated speaker, as well as a few group voice-over-IP chats. Modestly-sized texts will include ancient gnostic gospels as well as accessible scholarly interpretations and modern short stories.

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summer holidays

had a very relaxing Christmas / summer holiday in Brisbane - mostly spent sleeping, catching up with friends, eating and visiting the amazing north coast beaches at Caloundra & Noosa, driving along the coast between them. we drove up, cat on lap at times - the rain this year has done wonders for the land as everything was a lush, vibrant green colour and the sky was so clear & blue - the light this year was incredible - things seemed to sparkle.

I haven't been paying much attention to the news though whilst away, and arriving home last night I caught the late news which was talking about the problems in Israel and Palestine / Gaza strip. I'm a little worried about my friends there - some who've spent time in their bomb shelters (which are in all buildings) as the rockets from Gaza have reached further than before. I wonder if these new range rockets came in when the wall came down earlier this year and people came across from Egypt. I hope everyone is safe.

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still clouds moving buildings

still clouds, moving buildings

these have the effect for a short time - though I think I'd need a tripod to capture it properly. I had this visual effect yesterday when the clouds were moving faster than today (but I didn't have my camera - it was a very windy day yesterday). the clouds stopped moving & the buildings started to move. it was sort of like looking at a stereogram picture and seeing the hidden image within the noise come into focus. once you see it you can't not see it any more

harris park & parramatta, sydney


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a photo walk home

Harris Park - photo slideshow

Harris Park - these are some of the sights I see when I walk from home - shops & back. there's a lot of cute heritage worker's cottages / houses in HP - some have been renovated & others are run-down, about to be pulled down and probably turned into blocks of flats. unfortunately I can't afford to buy one of these. many are now business offices or restaurants - lots of Indian and Lebanese restaurants here. we also have the international conservatorium of music. Parramatta is a short walk - there's more and more highrises going up there. I like the reflections of the sky & clouds in the buildings though.

Harris Park & Parramatta, Sydney
photos @

Harris Park - photo slideshow from kath on Vimeo.

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windy dusk from kitchen window

windy dusk from kitchen window from kath on Vimeo.

windy dusk from kitchen window
it's nice to be home

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remuxed headlines zine

tomorrow - remuxed headlines zine
mumbai & india articles / news broadcasts / newspapers

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Yale forestry & environment graduates & carbon credits trading industry

I've been reading an article called "Can Carbon Credits Slow Global Warming?" via the How To Be a 21st Century Capitalist" article referred by sebchan

in the USA, graduates from the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (FES) at Yale University have been entering the Carbon Credits Trading industry - actually helping to build this industry.

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found 3gp 15 second videos

I found some old 3gp videos on my work phone - a nokia 6230. the recording quality is very low - best viewed at original size or the compression makes them even more unviewable. these were taken between 2004 - 2008 and have clips from delhi, india + caesarea, tel aviv, israel + geelong, melbourne + parramatta, sydney + rotorua & auckland, new zealand + devon, england

a mini video wall of 15 second samples from the past few years - play a few at once - if you press (more) once the first play has finished then it displays other videos I've uploaded to blip, not just the 3gp ones, though they'll be using the 3gp video dimensions)

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broken ladder

perhaps this is a very generalised, naive interpretation of one of the mumbai terrorist's confessions, but after reading the article, these are my initial impressions (stream of consciousness - spelling / grammar mistakes & all). I replied to the mail list with most of below (but have added extra thoughts since). it made me sad to read this article as I cannot understand how this person could be thinking.

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VloMo08 : day30 - Gandhi's Bombay residence

last post for VoMo08 is some of Gandhi's words from my visit to his Bombay residence on 15/11. music is "Claire's Theme" by Graeme Revell from the soundtrack to one of my favourite films "Until the End of the World"

it's been quite a month - sometimes hard to work out what to post each day, some posts were posted late. but all are little memories of this month so I can remember them later

VloMo08 : day30 - Gandhi's residence

VloMo08 : day30 - Gandhi's Bombay residence from kath on Vimeo.

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VloMo08 : day29 - after the hail storm

I arrived back in Sydney early this morning (29/11) and slept most of the day then spoke to family on the phone. it'd been drizzling when I was coming from the airport, but then in the afternoon there was a hail storm. afterwards the air was so fresh and the skies started to clear. it was beautiful - like the Queensland afternoon thunderstorms we used to have in summer all the time when I lived there. it was a nice way to clear my head a bit too after the craziness of the past couple of days and long flights home.

let's hope the skies can clear for the Mumbaikars too and they & the city can start afresh.

VloMo08 : day29
Sydney, Australia

VloMo08 : day29 - after the hail storm from kath on Vimeo.

VloMo08 : day28 - Mumbai - Delhi flight

not very exciting video - it's of the plane + waiting for the car at Delhi domestic airport - but I've never been so relieved to catch a flight before. even though I was safe in mumbai, it was unsettling to be there so I was happy to be going home. I was worried that my flight might be delayed or cancelled but everything went smoothly. the army was at the airport and they did all the security checks. it was probably the most efficient trip out of India I've ever had!

Delhi airport and Mumbai airport is much nicer now that it's been renovated. delhi airport was a bit dingy in 2006.

VloMo08 : day 28

blog entry :

VloMo08 : day28 - Mumbai - Delhi flight from kath on Vimeo.


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