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Terence McKenna - some collated works

collating a few of Terence McKenna's books, writings, audio recordings of speeches and videos


comments for Reality Sandwich article The Wounded Male Geek: My Vision of Terence McKenna

books : The Archaic Revival, which is a collection of essays and spoken word & also Food of the Gods

podcasts that are available for download - start with the lectures titled "Light of the New Millenium - Chicago/Austin"...both are quite different and cover a good spectrum of his "take" on things.


Terence McKenna - Eros and Eschaton


(thanks Lucille for letting me know about thes megatripolis ones!)
terence mckenna

terence mckenna seated live on the main dancefloor at Heaven nightclub London at megatripolis, underground club thursday night 1993 Filmed by Steve Teers (of Diva Pictures) Terence was giving the pre-dancefloor lecture
thanks Heaven nightclub, club crew
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