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09/02/2008 : is being upgraded this week. some links won't work until the upgrade is complete as I've disabled some modules. the 'look & feel' of the site is currently using a default template which will also be upgraded. the RSS / XML feeds should still be working. thanks for your patience

11/02/2008 - the site is now running drupal 5.0. tomorrow night I'll upgrade to the most recent drupal 5. some of the modules have been reinstalled but you may see some errors until the upgrade is complete.

previous upgrades:
the site was upgraded during the weekend of 17-18 september 2005 and more recently the weekend of 3-4 November 2006

some of the urls to articles have changed.

if you are reading this page, you must be using an older format url to access an article on the site.

to find your article, either do a search locally on the site using the search box, or change the url to the new format

eg to find, change it to and your article should appear.

or, to find, change the url to and your article should appear.
[ ie remove .php and .php?id= sections of the old urls ]

pdf links are currently broken

the old weblink/goto/ has changed also. click on the new weblinks link to find your article, or try searching the site if all else fails.

the articles are still here on the site, unfortunately due to the upgrade some of the old links are now broken.

apologies for the inconvenience!