online video editing sites

online video editing sites

Andrew Garton's posted a question asking for recommendations for online video editing systems. I did a quick google search & asked on the videoblogging list. making a list below (& replied to his post) for reference :


found these ones.. though haven’t tried them. though I think I’ll have a play and see how some work.
a review here :
& the same guy reviewed a few online video apps : where he lists a few (the ones u’ve listed plus more)

motionbox ( has a review with links to some others.

(from comments & googl & reviews)
videoegg (
grouper (

I asked on the videoblogging list, so hopefully some of the guys there will have some ideas. will post more if I come across some.

( & toonit sound cool - probably not what you’re after though!),1697,2124596,00.asp has a comparison chart for Cuts, Eyespot, JumpCut, Motionbox, One True Media. page back for fuller articles on each.

O'Reilly's site has a notice about Adobe's Photobucket coming soon (seems to be for pro users)

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