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GPS for Artists
Theatre, Quay Arts, Sea Street, Newport Harbour, Isle of Wight PO30 5BD

Saturday 19th Februrary 2005 10am - 5pm

Ivan Pope presents A Locative Day Out

The satellite based Global Positioning System (GPS) allows us to record
basic information about our location, direction, altitude and speed.
Using small hand held devices, artists can record and interpret this
data to create mapping, locative, durational and other works. GPS allows
us to take back knowledge of our whereabouts, and to annotate this
knowledge, or to reuse it as we wish.

Artists can use access to this locative data that forms the background
to all our lives, to add another layer of information to work. Whether
we want accurate information or chaotic disinformation, the gps
satellites transmit unceasingly 24 hours a day, not caring whether we
make use of their datastreams or not. We can anonymously take up their
offering and convert it to human data.

This one day live workshop will introduce the basic functioning of the
GPS and demonstrate GPS devices and software along with digital cameras.
Participants will be able to use GPS devices and digital cameras in the
field to create their own personal mappings of the locality. These
mappings will form the basis for a workshop in creating combined and
annotated maps and images.

We will spend the day looking at software and hardware and discussing
psychogeographic and locative issues while making our own maps, playing
gps games and adding to the global store of waypoints.

Workshop to include:

Introduction to handheld gps units, cameras and software
Briefing on site for mapping project
2 hour walk to make maps and take pictures
Workshop in production of mappings and using images with maps
Production of personalised mappings
Ends with introduction to gps games

Saturday 19th Februrary 2005 10am ÔøΩ 5pm
Ivan Pope presents A Locative Day Out


9.45 Coffee
10.00am Introduction to GPS units, cameras and software - Ivan Pope
11.15 Demonstration of the system at Quay Arts
11.30am Group journeys
2.45pm Meet in cafÔøΩ for tea
3.00pm Discussion of group experiences and demonstration of software ÔøΩ Ivan Pope
5.00pm Ends

Please note:

Participants should bring recording devices of their choice such as a notebook or sketchbook and pen/pencil; video camera; digital camera; phone camera; PDA; needle and thread ÔøΩ feel free to be as creative as you like. The GPS systems we will use will be Garmins ÔøΩ we encourage those of you who own GPS devices to bring them along (we will have to check software compatibility).

Please bring with you any ideas for a journey on Isle of Wight that can be completed in around 2hrs.

Bus fares and petrol will need to be covered by participants.

Lunch will need to be provided by participants

We look forward to meeting you on 19th and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Helen Sloan, Director, SCAN, ArtSway, Station Road, Sway SO41 6BA
Tel: 01590 682824 . If you need to contact us in an emergency on the day call 07973 919210

Quay Arts Centre is a member of SCAN, a consortium of organisations with a commitment to collaborative working in the field of digital arts practice.
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