The initiative of three students from the Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland, Window arose from the sense that Elam and its attendant arts community was isolated and inaccessible to larger audiences. The project aimed to address this lack of dialogue by creating a situation where artists, writers, academics, engineers – anyone with a good idea – could display works and interact with audiences.

Window exists in two states; its primary location is the physical exhibition window located near the Main Library of the University of Auckland, and its shadow is the virtual exhibition spaces of the Window website. Window wishes to extend both 'on-site' and 'on-line' sites as spaces for the display of ideas and the catalyst for experiment and discussion.

Window sees an ability to move easily between ideas, places and wallpapers as its significant strength; it is interested in context and relevance, and in the ability & inability of contemporary art to hold resonance for people in diverse and non-art situations. Physically occupying a transient foyer space, Window's context is shorn of the preconceptions and assumptions that form the ideological baggage of the dedicated art gallery. The project's role is potentially multi-faceted and fluid, offering a dynamic context for the presentation of information to a large and varied audience. On the web and on campus, Window functions within an emergent context, and is a breeding ground for experimentation and new ideas at developmental levels.

Window welcomes involvement with anyone, any kind of interesting idea, anywhere ...anytime, anyplace, baby.

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