what you'll find on THE PROGRAM this week

and passed out the awards.
//NT: A young arts mentor has become the only Australian to win a
YouthActionNet Award.
//TAS/VIC: TasDance takes their "Treasured Island" performances on tour
around the southern states.
//QLD: Can you tell a story in precisely 100 words? The Brissie Writers
Festival wants to know.
//WA: Perth artists planning an exhibition - this seminar's for you.
//ALL STATES: Attention all Wired Innovative Naughty Kids - yes, there are
Awards for You!

...And now: we've got two words for you - Give and Away! This week it's all
about swinging (and we're not talking about what your folks used to do on
those fondue nights...)

//NSW: Sydney Aerial Theatre is taking to the ceiling of Newtown Theatre in
August, and 5 NSW Programmers will have the opportunity to crane their necks
for "Sleepless City."

//ALL STATES: No matter how you look at it, "Going Down Swinging" rocks -
and we've got 2 copies of their latest book/cd compilation for you.

...And while you're at it (or once you've stopped and got a little time) -
why not join our intrepid Sydney reporter Miles Merrill as he delves into
the past - and future? - of Sydney's lushest venue The Mandarin Club, in his
Feature story this week.

But before we bid you adieu, a big thank you to all of you who've thrown in
your two cents worth and completed our online survey - keep 'em coming.

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