UNDERGROWTH #2 / Terra Poetica - call for submissions

UNDERGROWTH #2 / Terra Poetica
/In the early 21st century, the War on Terror was a billion dollar
spectacle conceived by the military- entertainment complex to distract
humanity from the more widespread and dangerous War On Terra

/ In the human zoo we stand somewhere between monoculture and wilderness/
/ shaping our mental ecologies from the debris of empire + revolution/
/ broadcast by crude television satellites and saturated by tabloid media/

/ On the street poetic terrorists paint the rumour of some new indigenous
/ earth magicians retrofit the urban ecology /
/ new paradigms mingle with archaic lores in the interzones of the
information war /

/ we are all natives speaking the language of Terra Poetica//

Now calling for submissions/art/fiction/gonzo journalism/blogs/short
films/animations/poetica/for the winter edition of Undergrowth digital
Deadline: 6th May



{we live not underground, but in the undergrowth}

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