tri state travels

the Hay plains are vast, felt like hours crossing them. they continued as far as the eye could see. patches of water dispersed along the road. gave me an eerie feeling - being in the sublime - I kept thinking it was going to rain, flood and we'd be trapped there in the rising waters, even though this was unlikely

I became a bit obsessed with all the different grasses and mid journey-esque dead tree forms during the drive through outback NSW/VIC/SA. many photos to reference. someone needs to do a photo book on those trees. so beautiful. and the eucalypts with their fractal-like perfection

a colour map / species map of their distribution across the landscape would be cool too. patterns and mixtures abound

drowned trees and power poles in the Murray River

h/t to David Stephenson's "Drowned" / "Drowned Trees" series eg

David Stephenson. Drowned No. 137. 2002. Toned silver gelatin print. 65 x 92cm (image size). Reproduced from Bett Gallery,

came across David Stephenson's work today whilst watching my class lecture on beauty and the sublime. haunting works. definitely saw the sublime in the swollen waters of the rivers we crossed and passed during this trip, and the vastness of the Hay plains

grasses and shadows embroidered on the land, late morning, Mungo national park

emu at Mungo national park

on day1, we'd driven through butterflies and hills shaded by clouds. on the road to Gundagai

the mighty Murrumbidgee (quite high at the caravan park)

turned out it was a tri-state journey, Mildura for lunch. the mighty Murray River was so full that day, not over the road we traveled though luckily. but it’s huge, so wide. felt like some areas were flooded, not sure of usual water levels

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