The Living Room

The Living Room Series III is a weekly 30-minute magazine style TV programme. It's about artists, musicians, filmmakers and other inspirational characters that operate away from established art institutions, record companies and production houses.

Each show is made up of three or four different clips –one of the clips features a New Zealander living overseas and the remainder focuses on Kiwi's living in New Zealand. A different personality or artist hosts The Living Room each week from their own living space, giving the viewer a look at New Zealand's creative evolution through the eyes of its artists.

There is no 'fame' prerequisite for people featured on The Living Room, just the ability to entertain and inspire. The Living Room lets the artists tell their own story.

Plays weekly on Sundays at 10:25pm on TV3, starting November 13th 2005

The Living Room series 1-3 were created by Sticky Pictures for more details