The Art of Record Production Conferences 2007 and 2008

Art of Record Production Conference

Brisbane, Australia in 2007 and Lowell, Massachusetts in 2008


The Art of Record Production Conference organised by London College of Music, TVU lecturer, Simon Zagorski-Thomas just seems to be going from strength to strength. In December last year it moved out of the United Kingdom for the first time when it was hosted by Professor Andy Arthurs, Professor Julian Knowles and Dr. Donna Hewitt at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia and in November of this year it will be hosted by Professor William Moylan at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The keynote speaker in Brisbane was Hank Shocklee who rose to prominence producing Public Enemy, has worked with artists as varied as Madonna, Peter Gabriel and Janet Jackson and who currently heads up his own New Media Entertainment company, Shocklee Entertainment. As well as academic papers on a wide range of subjects on and around the central theme of record production, the conference featured other industry speakers including Richard Lush (Beatles, Lalo Schifrin), Daniel Denholm (Tognetti’s Bach violin sonatas and partitas, Kylie), Pip Williams (Nightwish, Moody Blues), Mike Howlett (Martha and the Muffins, OMD) and Steve D'Agostino (Depeche Mode, John Foxx).

Hank Shocklee obviously enjoyed his experience in Brisbane, saying: "It was a great experience to be a part of The Art of Record Production Conference and meet such talented musical minds in an environment truly dedicated to furthering the dialog on music production."

Simon Zagorski-Thomas, the director of the Art of Record Production conference, says he’s been overwhelmed by the response in the few days since the call for papers for ARP08 was released: “I received the first expression of interest by email before I’d even finished posting the Call For Papers on the website – and that was from a Grammy Award winning engineer / producer in New York! In the few days following I’ve had emails about potential paper presentations from more than half a dozen different countries.”

Professor William Moylan, the host of ARP08 was equally enthusiastic: “My colleagues and I at the University of Massachusetts Lowell are honored to be hosting the 2008 Art of Record Production Conference. We are excited to be the first North American platform for this important exchange of ideas, experiences, knowledge and music, and look forward to this opportunity to share our exceptional facilities and resources with attendees from throughout the world!“

Negotiations are still under way concerning the industry speakers for the November 2008 conference but some very high profile and exciting announcements are expected in the near future. The Call For Papers and other details about the conference can be found at:

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