string making with India Flint

at the "Second Skin" workshop with India Flint (held at Beautiful Silks in November), we learned how to make string from strips of fabric. then we used these as measuring tape measures for our body measurements. it was so relaxing to twist and turn the fabric into string, even though part of mine did unravel a bit when I lost concentration and must have twisted or flipped in the wrong direction - serves me right for trying to speed up.

these are the strings from everyone in the workshop - mine's at the bottom left - I put it down too quickly at the end, so it's not in a perfect circle like some of the others, though I like the colours, and since the photo I've fixed the unraveling and added red stitching to keep that section in place.


I bought a bundle of silk sari strips and started making more string during the evenings whilst on our gypsy caravan ride in the country (thanks Pixie - miss you! & Colonial Way). will post some pics soon. I also dyed some silk in India's dye bath on the last day of the workshop - still deciding what to make with that.

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