Reunion Rave in Brisbane

Reunion Rave @ The MET in Brisbane

I hadn't been out to a dance club for maybe 4-5 years, about 7 years since being in brisbane, so the Reunion Rave dance party whilst I was up there on holidays was perfect timing. heaps of older crew were there - it was so great to see them all and spend the night dancing as we used to back in the day.

the music was fantastic too - Thief took us back to Magic Roundabout @ Metropolis & the Site (if my memory serves correctly) in the side room & looked like he was enjoying playing the tunes too. "Insomniac - I'm asleep", Moby's "Thousand", Custa knows the rest of the track names - some Rabbit City Records tracks? I remembered that track with the "Reanimator" (movie) sample though I'm not sure what it's called.

Sasha "Injected with a poison - are you listening to me!" later, Paul Holden (is Golden?! :) doing the hand movements to "I kiss your lips and close my eyes - take you away to paradise ... let everybody see that I love you and you love me ..." with the lasers forming whirlpool clouds of different coloured smoke above the dancing crowd in the main room. then "Everybody's Free - to feel love" with starry skies spinning behind him on the screens - reminding me of the Dome and it's starry skies when the retractable ceiling was pulled back (even if the songs were different there)

Rousey & Kesson played heaps of songs towards the end of the night that Dufty & Angus (rip) used to play (which was great but a little sad at the same time). I liked what Rousey said - something like "it's nice to come out to work and see people I know again".

Vision Four 5 played a great live set - hadn't seen them play in years. the videos looked great too - a huge Lolli dancing & singing to Funkify Yourself & Purple Lamp was played later in the set & the block text for Everything You Need. half way through this song I went down the front and after a couple of tracks, some younger people were asking who this great band was, so it's great to see another generation loving the tunes too! Ben & Noel were jumping around like they used to - was so cool to see!

I loved the screens in the different rooms - the videos shown were so crisp & clear & the lasers helped set the mood too.

at the start of the night (I'd gone early to catch Dizzy's set - nice!) I was a little worried as most of the people were wearing really tight clothes and very high stilettos and had trouble finding the beat when dancing but when everyone came later, the tables turned, and some of the younger people dancing seemed to be staring at how the rest of us were dancing - it was almost like they'd never seen it before or been to a dance party ?!?!

I kept forgetting I had the camera as I was too busy talking or dancing (now I remember why I don't have pics from years ago) so there's only a few clips at different parts of the night. the video runs for about 12mins though so is a little long. my camera's not very good in low light, so you can't really see the people - but this video should give you a sample of what the night was like.

thanks to everyone who played & organised the gig and all the people I spoke to & saw out.

can't wait for the next one!!

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