The PixelPress online magazine features projects that use a variety of linear and non-linear strategies, attempting to articulate visions of human possibility even while confirming human frailty. For them, the digital revolution is a revolution in consciousness, not in commerce.

PixelPress works with organizations such as Crimes of War, Human Rights Watch, World Health Organization and UNICEF to create Web sites that deal directly with contemporary issues in complex and innovative ways that circumvent media sensationalism and simplification. They also try to factor in ways that the viewer can help remedy social problems, rather than remain a spectator. Recently we completed a site focusing on how to end polio worldwide; another trying to aid an orphanage in Rwanda; one trying to reclaim the Brazilian forest; and a site featuring the images of photographers from the Vietnam War. And they also create books with photographers such as Machiel Botman, Kent Klich and Sebasti√£o Salgado on social themes, as well as traveling exhibitions using both digital and conventional processes.
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