Philip K Dick

The Crazy Wisdom of Philip K. Dick with Erik Davis, an online course at Maybe Logic Academy
Sept 17 - Nov 11 2007

" Once a purely cult figure, Philip K. Dick (1928-1982) is now widely recognized as a pulp visionary of the highest order. This course will approach his work not as science fiction but as crazy wisdom. We'll explore how his texts seem designed to illuminate our posthuman problems and our most ancient philosophical questions — and to then scramble those insights with a cheap ray gun. We will read two of Dick's major novels, both chosen for their heavy gnostic themes. We will discuss drugs and archons and machines that break down, including, possibly, yourself. We will also explore the two greatest examples of the many PKD movies to date — further evidence that Dick's spirit will only continue to permeate the culture at large. "

Notes from the course and bibliographies for further research will be listed in this section + my random ramblings and musings on his books, topics and things I've come across on the net