Upgrade to mutant sheep is a new step in blending and mutating styles: electro, grime, drum'n'bass, electronica, techno, 8-bit music, hip hop. Gigabytes of sound and ludic video investigation enabled Paral-lel to create their own sound identity. This new album asserts the necessity of individualization in a consumer society which keeps cataloguing each project as a product and each entity as a potential buyer, part of a stereotype of consumer (niche or target consumer). We all are sheep in this society which maintains our gregarious instinct, but despite that, it's always time to leave the batch. The only possible evolution is mutation, which gives power to each protagonist rather than marginalises him: the
upgrade from sheep to mutant sheep is inescapable.

An album with a strong thematic, seeking to break the genres by proposing 12 tracks of fusion and mutations of electronic music. From the subversive techno of "Attack of the mutant sheep" to the cordial hip hop of "Baln", through the melodic and breaking electronica of "End of conclusion", or the devastating drum'n'bass, jungle, lowfi of "Ninmentolenox": there is no real frontier anymore. Good mutation!

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